We went for a relaxing drive and ended up at an HVAC supplier

They explained the ductwork is a specialized system that is narrow and allows the air to flow very quickly so that you can heat or cool a location in no time.

My wife and I decided to go on a drive this past weekend just for the fun of it. Sometimes we like to just adjust the temperature control settings and go anywhere just to see where we would end up. Well, we drove past a lot of places and then we took a scenic route where we had never been before. We ended up seeing this huge HVAC supplier store and I was curious about it, so I pulled into the parking lot. When we walked into this place, I couldn’t believe how fantastic the temperature control settings were. I asked the people how they were able to keep this huge building so cool. They laughed and said they were HVAC experts and this was the sort of thing they specialized in. They actually had a high velocity HVAC system hooked up. They explained the ductwork is a specialized system that is narrow and allows the air to flow very quickly so that you can heat or cool a location in no time. They said if the cooling system were turned off and the place was sweltering, they could cool it down to the perfect temperature in approximately 20 minutes. It seemed hard to believe considering it was such a sizable place, but it was also crazy just thinking about how quickly it would heat or cool a household. I told my wife that I would like to go for an HVAC system like that. She said we could do whatever I wanted, and before I knew it, we were having a high velocity HVAC system installed at home.



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The proposal may have been a little painful, but what a beautiful moment

It was a beautiful moment when I proclaimed to everybody on social media that I asked my wife to marry me.

It was very crazy for me because I knew that I wanted to marry her, but I didn’t know how I was going to go about doing so.

I felt nervous about asking, but it was like she was just waiting for me. We had everything in common like enjoying the ideal temperature control settings, good air quality and things like that. I ended up doing this at one of our preferred eateries. It’s actually a place she prefers the most because they only have one dish that I enjoy, but I really appreciate their excellent service and their fantastic temperature control settings. A lot of the time, we even get lucky and are seated next to the fireplace which is always nice. It’s a gas fireplace so it’s not like there is any smoke from burning wood, but I wouldn’t mind having something like that either. Anyway, the servers already know us since we are regulars and I made arrangements with them to slip the engagement ring into the dessert. I was surprised when my wife had a light dinner and then went to scarf down her apple pie. Oh man, she almost broke her tooth on the ring! She shouted in pain and then wanted to know what that hard thing was in the dessert and then she screamed in surprise when she saw it was an engagement ring. I apologized profusely and then she told me to shut up and ask her. That’s when I got down on my knee and proposed and it was a beautiful moment for us.

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I wasn’t feeling so well when we went to our neighbors’ home for dinner

When our neighbors invited us over for dinner, I thought it would be a nice experience and a good opportunity to get to know them. Well, I was bothered immediately upon stepping into their home. It wasn’t all warm feeling and the air quality was just terrible. I noticed the HVAC vents and they were as dirty as could be. I guessed that they never bothered to have their ductwork system cleaned, yet somehow their HVAC system was still running. Every time the cooling system would click on though, I could visibly see dust pouring out of the HVAC vents and it really bothered me. I couldn’t even eat that much because I could see dust also landing on the food and it made me feel sick to be ingesting whatever was coming from the ductwork system. When the neighbors asked if I was okay, I tried to play it off like I would be fine, but eventually I had to throw up in their toilet. I apologized to them and told them I was suddenly not feeling well. I did mention to them that they should consider going through the same HVAC company that we do so they can get their ductwork cleaning. They thanked us for the suggestion and we gave them the contact information for the local contractor before we went back home. They also asked if we wanted to take some of the leftover food, but after seeing all that dust, I had to kindly refuse that offer. I really hope they get air purification help from the local contractor before we ever go back to visit our neighbors.

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She doesn’t need all that but she looks forward to it

She was so happy and she even started crying a little bit.

For a long time, my wife always talked about the memories she had with her grandparents and relaxing around their fireplace. She always said how the fireplace made her feel peaceful inside and she wished she had something like that. We were only renting a house, and I knew that we couldn’t just go out and get a fireplace for the house. I did get her an outdoor fireplace however that is basically a stand that holds a metal dish where you stack your firewood. She actually was very happy about this outdoor fireplace and we spent a lot of time outside just resting next to the fireplace. Eventually, I ran into electric fireplaces at the store. I honestly didn’t even know that a fireplace like that exists and they are portable. Another cool thing is that they actually provide heating and they are highly energy efficient heaters. So I ended up getting my wife an electric fireplace for her birthday. The amount of joy that was showing on her face made the whole thing worth it. She was so happy and she even started crying a little bit. I helped her set the fireplace up right away and now she spends so much time in front of that fireplace everyday. She even meditates and says her prayers while resting in front of the fireplace. I told her eventually that I would get her a real indoor wood burning fireplace and a nice house to have it in. She says she doesn’t need all that, but she looks forward to it.

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I am very pleased with my smart window AC unit

I was pretty happy when I first moved into my apartment.

I made it fine through the winter season and I mostly just focused on my studies.

I loved having a place all to myself without having to worry about roommates or anything. I had a few get together with friends, but that’s about it. Then when I got into the summer months, I realized there was no cooling system. I actually thought the apartment had a cooling system because the thermostat on the wall did in fact have a cooling option, but the cooling option didn’t work. That’s because there was no cooling system hooked up. I remember asking the landlord about that later on and he said that providing a cooling system was not his responsibility, but I could feel free to invest in a window AC unit or some other style of cooling equipment. I never really thought about getting a window AC unit, but I wanted to know how much they cost. I was surprised when I found a lot of good window AC units for a reasonable cost, and so I got the one that was on sale. This particular window AC unit talked about having a built-in smart thermostat and excellent energy efficiency. When I installed the thing, I was disappointed at first to find that there was no remote control. I could have sworn that I read that on the box. I was mistaken though, you can actually connect remotely to the cooling unit with your phone and that’s how you remote control your unit! That was the coolest discovery on my part and I absolutely love my smart window AC unit.

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Our new nanny has been awesome

When I first talked about getting a nanny with my wife, she didn’t like the idea.

She thought I just wanted to have some other lady around the house to appreciate.

That wasn’t the case at all though, I just wanted the house to be clean since I was always working and my wife was always working. Neither of us really had a lot of time to clean and the children would always complain whenever we talked to them about cleaning. They would do their chores, but most of the time they wouldn’t do such a great job. I ended up getting the nanny service and my wife was surprised when it was a guy who came to the house. The guy was great with the children and he even was able to convince them that cleaning was fun and they all suddenly wanted to help out with cleaning. Our son was changing the air filters regularly without us having to ask, nobody was fighting over the temperature control settings, and I honestly had never seen the kids behave so well. I guess it was because they had an adult at the house regularly to help them with homework and provide some emotional support. When I thought about us not spending as much time with the children because of work, it made me sad but we had to make our money or we would be in financial ruin. The guy nanny has been great and he even provided me some good advice, signing up with an HVAC service plan. He said I would save money and he knew the best local contractor who would do great work at a reasonable cost.

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Things changed a lot when my wife became pregnant

After my wife got pregnant, things became very different around the house.

  • First of all, she didn’t feel like cleaning, so I started picking up on a lot of the cleaning.

I didn’t want her to be stressed at all, I just wanted the baby to be safe and healthy. Another thing I noticed was that she was constantly adjusting the temperature control settings. One moment, she was cranking the AC system and the next moment she was turning the heating system on. It was hard for me to deal with the constantly changing temperatures and I wasn’t exactly sure what I should do about this. Even when I went to adjust the temperature control settings to something comfortable, she would give me this evil look that actually frightened me. It made me feel like I was putting myself at risk by adjusting the temperature control to something that she did not approve of. I realized this was a huge problem and so I finally contacted a local HVAC company. I asked them if there was something I could do to have customized temperature control settings in different parts of the house. Before I knew it, I had an HVAC expert out to the house and he said that we could do an HVAC zone control upgrade. I asked if that meant we could have different temperature control settings in different sections, he said that’s precisely what HVAC zone control is all about. I went for the upgrade and even my wife was very pleased. She found it relaxing to have different temperature control settings and she would move from zone to zone depending on how comfortable she was. This has helped me to keep my sanity through this pregnancy.
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I didn’t mind taking the survey because I was entered into a raffle drawing

When I got a call on the house phone, I was surprised when it was some HVAC professional from a local HVAC company.

I asked why he was calling me and he asked if I had time to take a survey.

He quickly mentioned that I would be put in a raffle drawing to win a new UV air purification system if I took the survey. That’s when I laughed and asked him how many times I could take the survey to increase my chances of winning. I really wanted to have an air purification system in my home, and having one with the UV light would be fantastic. So I answered all the questions. He was asking questions like how often I went for HVAC maintenance and care. He asked about what type of air filters I preferred. I honestly preferred HEPA filters, but usually I would just get pleated air filters with a MERV 8 rating. He thanked me when we were done and I asked when I would learn if I won the raffle or not. He laughed and said they would post the winners on their website in about a week. I was really excited to see if I could possibly win this new UV air purification system. I still didn’t expect to win, but I love getting involved in raffles. If every call I got at home was talking about me taking a survey to get into a raffle drawing, I would be all for it and I wouldn’t hang up on anybody. Well, to my astonishment, the winner who was posted was me! They were quick about calling me up and making the arrangements for the UV air purification installation, and I have been in disbelief this whole time but happier than ever!

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Sometimes my wife gets frustrated while playing her games

Something my wife loves to do these days is play spades or play a battle royale game on the PS5 while cranking the AC system in the bedroom.

I love to do the same, but I think she gets into the games more intensely than I do at times. Just the other day for example, I was relaxing on the bed watching her play the battle royale game. She got so mad when she was killed by some other player who she referred to as a ‘Noob.’ I made some comments and then she told me to go pound sand. I told her I would, and I went outside to get the pool sand that was delivered. I was meaning to change the sand for the pool filter and I went to do exactly that, pound new sand into the pool filter. It was funny seeing the expression on my wife’s face after I told her that I would do exactly as she asked because I don’t think she was expecting that type of reaction. When I was finished putting the new sand in the pool filter, I turned the filtration system on to let it work its magic. I wanted the children to be able to enjoy swimming in the pool, and I figured it would be ready by the next day. When I went back inside the house, I said something about the AC feeling so nice and I was genuinely happy about the temperature control settings. I’m glad that my wife and I both appreciate having the AC system cranked up so much. My wife ended up apologizing to me and thanked me for taking care of the pool sand.



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It was not easy finding the right dentist

Finding the right dentist certainly wasn’t easy for us.

I guess I can say that was the case about getting a good doctor as well.

I think one of the biggest hassles for the dentist was finding someone who accepted our insurance. We ended up going to this place where the temperature control settings were miserable, the air quality was bad, and it was impossible to get comfortable. I complained about this dentist from the start, but it wasn’t until the dentist nicked my father’s teeth a few times before we ended up finding a better dental office. The next place we went to was fantastic. The first thing I noticed was the wonderful air quality and the enjoyable temperature control settings. I also appreciated the dentist as he joked around with us and he seemed to be very knowledgeable. He did great work on everybody’s teeth while being super careful. My father also gave him the thumbs up because there were no issues, and he didn’t even feel any pain after having his teeth worked on. He even had a couple of cavities removed and replaced, which is very challenging work even for a good dentist. I remember asking how the air quality was so nice, and the dentist told me they had a UV air purification system. I turned to my father and said we needed one of those installed at home. My father actually agreed because he too appreciated the superb air quality at the dental office. Still, I don’t know what he’s waiting for because he still hasn’t called up any HVAC companies to see about a UV air purification system install.
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