Portable restroom solutions for the triathlon

It looks like a shipping container from the outside but inside looks like a high end restroom

My sister is desperate to do a triathlon. She really wants me to participate with her. I have been running out of excuses. I am not doing anything that day, I am in shape and I have the money to do it. One thing I tried was restroom facilities. For a triathlon you swim, bike and then run. I am not someone that can pee in water. I also didn’t want to bike with saltwater on my skin and dry it out. I knew I would be dying for a shower and bathroom by the time I hit the run. I tried the lack of facilities excuse and my sister did some research. The triathlon actually is working with a shipping container company and has portable restroom facilities. There are toilets and showers at each event along the way. You can shower off in your own stall with a soap dispenser right after the swim. There are portable toilets right at the end of the bike ride. There is even a portable restroom solution at the end of the run as well. I never have to go without a shower, sink and hand dryer. It is way more high end than using a porta potty. It looks like a shipping container from the outside but inside looks like a high end restroom. So it looks like I need to start training for this event. I have a shower that I will use after my swim and a toilet that I will need after my long bike ride and run.

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The smart thermostat seems to be proving me a fool

Sometimes I get resistant to changing things up because I can just be boneheaded and stubborn.

  • That certainly was the case when everyone in my house was in favor of introducing new HVAC technology to our home.

For the past six or seven years, my family has been harping on me to switch from the digital thermostat to the smart thermostat. But I didn’t want to. Initially, I wanted to wait until this sort of HVAC technology had evolved. There’s nothing worse than getting some new tech gadget only to see it be obsolete in a year or less. That has happened in our home and too many times I might add. So I wanted to wait to see if the smart thermostat HVAC technology really was what it purported to be. Well obviously, the smart thermostats are here to stay and do a fine job for sure. So then, I shifted my resistance to the idea that the smart thermostat could not possibly manage the HVAC cooling costs better than I could. I had a system. The air conditioning costs are easily the biggest HVAC cost of the year. And I had learned to program the digital thermostat and implement other measures to keep the HVAC cooling costs low. Then my wife bet me that the smart thermostat would beat my ability to save on HVAC cooling in just one month of use. I couldn’t pass up that bet and it was on. The HVAC company installed the smart thermostat and told us to just let it learn. I figured I’d win the bet in that first month just on letting the HVAC technology learn our patterns. Well, it’s July and the smart thermostat saved an additional fifteen percent on top of what I was able to save the year prior in June.

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It wasn’t pretty but I survived thanks to HVAC heating

When my wife told me that it looked as though she might need to relocate to her hometown, I thought she was kidding.

  • We met in college as she came south to enjoy the sun while getting her degree.

I went to the state school in the region where I grew up and knew nothing about HVAC heating. Well, I guess the heat pump was the HVAC heating source where I grew up. But honestly, I can’t remember too many time, if any, that the thermostat was flipped over for heating because it was cold in the house. My wife never went back home once we graduated. She took a job down south where the heat pump is king and we married a short time later. Of course, we visited her mom and dad or had them down so they could get out of the winter weather. But her dad died suddenly and since then, her mother just can’t cope. We found her a place near us. It was a nice condo with brand new HVAC equipment. Yet, she would not leave her home. It’s gotten worse and my wife put in for a 2 year commitment to fix the regional office that is only a half our from her childhood home. We kept the house but she wanted me to go with her. I’m an IT specialist so I can work remotely. But after spending last winter up north, I just don’t know if I have the strength to do it again. It’s July and the central air conditioning is on in the apartment we’re renting. Still, I am already dreading living here for another winter. I think I may go home and stay with the heat pump.

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Some of my buddies are pretty crazy at times

Oftentimes, we love to invite friends over to our property. We have a nice property that’s away from it all, and we’re in a genuinely private place. We have both an indoor and an outdoor fireplace. In the winter season, everybody typically prefers to be inside using the indoor fireplace. We have a lot of relaxing furniture and we always keep the temperature control settings just right with our smart thermostat. Sometimes we do the outdoor fireplace in the winter, but it’s only really nice when it’s dry outside and the ground isn’t covered in deep snow. We love hanging outside around the fireplace in the summer months though. In our area, we are in the mountains so it does become a little chilly even in the summer nights, but I love that about this area. Not to mention, we have a whole forest on our property, so we basically have an endless supply of wood. We have enjoyed a lot of huge fires in the fireplace. Some buddies say that we should build a huge firepit and enjoy a massive bonfire. One buddy even said we should build objects out of wood and burn those like the burning man festivals. I wasn’t so sure about all that, I just prefer relaxing around the fireplace. I told everybody if they wanted to do the burning man thing, we could always just go to an actual festival and enjoy doing that there! Most of my pals agreed with me that it would only be appropriate. They laughed and said why should I burn up all my grass because we want to party?


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We are really happy with the place we moved to

My wife and I were so happy when we moved to a nice location in the country.

It wasn’t even like we were far away from nice places either, we have a country shop a minute drive away from us and we have all kinds of diners in different places that aren’t too far away. There’s this particular diner that’s about 5 minutes away and we love going to this place to enjoy breakfast. I have been working from home for years, so I was able to set up my office and get to work. My wife, she ended up getting a job that isn’t too far away, but we made it a regular thing for us to go together to the diner to enjoy breakfast together before we both head off to work. I usually go for the same thing, eggs, bacon, and pancakes, but sometimes I switch it up a little bit and go for hash browns or even a breakfast sandwich or burrito. It doesn’t really matter what you go for because all the food is so delicious. I also really appreciate how they always have such good temperature control settings and air quality. We learned they use a UV air purification system at this diner, and that’s something that makes everybody comfortable. Nobody is too worried about spreading risky germs, because most of those germs are eliminated by the UV light in the air purification system! Anyway, I think I could eat at that diner everyday for the rest of my life, and it’s always nice being there with my lovely wife.
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I thought I had nasty allergies that came out of nowhere

When I was talking with my doctor about my severe allergies that seemingly came out of nowhere, he asked me some questions. He asked where I was experiencing my allergies the worst. When I thought about it, it was always when I was at home for long periods of time. The longer I was in my home, the worse I felt and that’s why I was always making excuses to get out of the house. The doctor suspected that perhaps I wasn’t dealing with allergies, but something else entirely. I wondered what it could be. He said because I was always becoming sick while spending time at home, he wanted me to take a look at my ductwork system for the HVAC. He said if the ductwork system was dirty and filled with debris, he wanted me to contact my HVAC company to see about having the ductwork system cleaned. He said after that, he wanted me to pay attention and see if I felt any better. So I reached out to a local contractor to make arrangements for having my ductwork cleaned. I knew it needed to be done as soon as I peered through the HVAC vents. It’s just not something I ever thought about previously. Well, the ductwork was cleaned very thoroughly by the HVAC professionals and suddenly my air quality was great and I didn’t feel so sick anymore. I remember the doctor also recommended that I use good air filters in my HVAC system, and that should help me feel better in the long term while relaxing at home.


We went for an extra long walk with our new cooling hats

We have a pretty good sized property and sometimes we just enjoy going for walks around the perimeter.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk around and it’s good exercise. There’s even a section of property where we have woods and it’s always fun walking through there. Well recently, it was a very hot day when I asked the youngsters if they wanted to go for a walk. They were all groaning saying how the air conditioning felt so nice and they didn’t want to feel overheated outside. I asked them if they would change their minds if they had their own portable cooling systems to keep them comfortable. They all looked at me with wide eyes and then I pulled out the cooling hats that I invested in. I bought each of the kids a cooling hat and I got one for my wife and I as well. All you have to do is dip the cooling hat in some water and with the reflective tops, the hat helps to provide cooling for an hour or longer. There’s even fans you can clip on the hat to provide extra cooling. Well, everybody was anxious to test these portable air conditioning hats. Some of the kids didn’t want to use the fans, but our son did and he said it was amazing. We all kept walking around the property a few times before we went back inside to the comfort of the central air conditioning. They all said we need to go hiking more often with the cooling hats because they give you more endurance on hot days.

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The freezing tiles always made me feel uncomfortable in the bathrooms

For a long while, I was disappointed whenever I would hop out of the shower. It was those darn frosty tiles that always made me feel uncomfortable. Eventually, I started taking long hot baths which made it so the tiles in the bathroom warmed up to some degree. I still was never comfortable though. I considered using a portable heater in the bathroom, but I thought that might be dangerous if the heater was anywhere near the water. I remember talking about how much I missed being able to shower to a friend, and he was totally surprised. He asked me why I didn’t just install heated floors in my bathroom. He said there were different options with hydronic heating or electric floor mats. He even explained that the electric floor mats weren’t tough to install, but it’s always best when you leave that type of work to the HVAC experts. I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of such a thing, and before I knew it I was on the phone with my local HVAC company. I had an HVAC worker come out to assess my floors in the bathroom. He wanted to know if I only wanted to have the bathrooms done or if I wanted to go for a whole house installation of radiant heated floors. I asked him to quote me on both projects because I wanted to know the difference in price. For just the bathrooms, the cost was very affordable. To have my whole home equipped was costly though because it involved ripping up floors and replacing them. I ended up just having my bathrooms hooked up with radiant heated floors, but it has been so worth it!



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We ended up getting a nice house on the lake we have come to love

It was exhilarating when we took our children to the lake for the first time.

We ended up going back year after year, and the youngsters always looked forward to it.

Eventually, we rented one of the cabins on the lake, and that was a nice experience. The cabin we rented was equipped with a nice fireplace and quality HVAC as well. The HVAC was a ductless mini split and there were also radiant heated floors for the winter. It was cool because there were different zones with customized heating and cooling settings in all the different rooms. We all enjoyed staying there so much that we decided that we would want to live in such a place. Imagine our delight when we found one of the houses that were on that lake was for sale. The for sale price was up there, but we were quick to make an offer and we were so happy when our offer was accepted! We have been living there on the lake since and our home is way nicer than those luxurious cabins. We see people out across the lakes enjoying their cabins all the time though and of course, we have a boat we go out on oftentimes. Our boat is pretty fancy and even has a nice HVAC system hooked up so we can be cozy in the cabin area. After enjoying this lake so much over the years, I couldn’t ever imagine living anywhere else. I think the kids feel that way too, so I guess it will be heartbreaking for them when they eventually leave the house.


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Our kid has always been cute

Back in the day, people told us that our baby was so cute, we should consider taking him to a modeling agency.

We weren’t so sure at first, but after some discussions, we decided to go for it.

There were many other children going for auditions, but our child was simply remarkable and he was his same old cute and hilarious self. He had everybody laughing and basically eating out the palm of his hand. They wanted him for multiple photo shoots for different products. We did this for a little while and we put the money aside for his college tuition. He honestly made enough money with the baby modeling that he could afford a fancy car with built in air conditioning in the seats. We didn’t want to take any of that money for ourselves, not even to invest in a new HVAC system even so we wanted to get something nice eventually like radiant heated floors. So eventually, we stopped the modeling thing as soon as the contract expired because we wanted him to live a normal life and not be in the spotlight all the time. I think we made a great choice. It’s cool that you still see some baby products with his photo, but he doesn’t even remember any of that which I think is good for him. Now he is grown and he’s in an excellent college with all his tuition covered because of that modeling money! He even uses that line on some of the ladies that he was a model, and they all go for it for the most part! He’s going to be a doctor, but honestly, I would be happy even if he were an HVAC professional or he went for some other type of trade like that. I just want him to be happy no matter what he chooses to do in life.

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