At-home fitness coaching is a booming business right now

When my buddy Mike said that he wanted to be a yoga and fitness coach, I wasn’t sure if he would succeed with the competition in our city.

At first he faltered, since he had to finance his certifications and the training in the first place.

During this time he worked for restaurants and landscaping companies, exhausting himself to death. But things took a turn for the good when he found a company that offers at-home fitness coaching. Many of their clients are elderly or disabled, making it near impossible for them to get to a gym or fitness center. In one way you’re looking at a highly lucrative business, but on the other hand it’s also a noble cause helping those who are so vulnerable and physically debilitated. Even if a regular fitness coach offered to take patients like this, there’s no guarantee if they would possess the right compassion needed to work with these clients. My friend’s employer focuses heavily on attitude, speech, and behavior along with the actual skills and practical understanding of the job and what it entails. My friend is happy about having a steady job, but he’s not sure if he’s going to stick with private fitness coaching beyond the immediate future. His goal is to eventually find a great fitness center or certified gym where he can teach group fitness training classes. In places like this you can find a large variety of different demographics of people to work with. This kind of fitness center is probably his best fit for his long term future as a fitness coach.

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My new gym has free fitness coaching for senior citizens and people with disabilities

I moved into a mobile home community after my grandmother willed me her house upon her death. Although the mobile home park used to have a strict age policy of 55 and up, they have since let people as young as 35 move in as long as they had no children. Despite this, roughly 90% of the community are over 60 years of age, with many being much older than that. Some would hate living here for the generational gap alone, but I enjoy conversing with my neighbors. I get a lot of help and advice from my next door neighbor George who is a retired handyman. Since my dad is no longer around, he has unofficially filled the gap and I appreciate him immensely for that reason. However, sometimes I’m able to repay the favor if it means helping him with his smartphone or his computer. Recently I recommended to him a fitness center in town that offers free one on one fitness coaching for senior citizens and those suffering with permanent disabilities. His doctor told him to lose weight and get healthier, but he didn’t have enough money coming in from his pension to hire a personal fitness trainer. Thus far he enjoys the free fitness coaching at the gym I referred him to. His doctor is happy because the workout plan is getting his blood pressure down along with the gradual weight loss. Thus far, he has lost 15 pounds since joining the local gym and starting their free fitness coaching program for senior citizens and people with disabilities.


Group fitness training classes made me less self-conscious about working out

I accept responsibility for my weight problems, but sometimes it’s difficult to break habits that you’ve had ingrained in you for decades.

There was a lot of insecurity and chaos in my childhood and I think it forced me to find a quick coping mechanism to ease my anxiety.

As a kid with no access to substances, my outlet was music and food. I bought lots of cassette tapes and CDs from my favorite bands and recording artists. Coinciding with this, I was often stopping at unhealthy fast food joints to eat meals loaded with trans-fats, empty calories, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. It started to get really bad when I got a car of my own and could start driving to the mall so I could eat a grotesquely large meal in the food court. When I hit 260 pounds last year, it was my final wakeup call. I knew that I would soon have high blood pressure and blood sugar, and before long I could develop type two diabetes. Thankfully, a local fitness center was offering membership discounts for new customers. This was the impetus to get me off my butt and in the gym losing weight and getting healthy for a change. However, it’s hard when you don’t know proper workout routines. Just using the treadmill and free weights wasn’t getting me the results I was looking for so I decided to join a group fitness training class. It was nice because I was finally learning proper workout routines from a professional, but I wasn’t paying the high cost associated with hiring a personal trainer. At the same time, I was getting much of the same information and it made me less self-conscious about working out in the gym. The group fitness training classes gave me the skills I needed to craft a workout plan that is tailored to me and my needs.



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The local gym has steam rooms in the locker rooms

I recently started hanging out with one of my closest friends from middle school and high school.

I met him in the sixth grade when I sat behind him in math class. Although we hung out with each other all of the time in high school, this shortened to once or twice a year when we went to separate colleges. He studied engineering at a massive state university while I focused on psychology and philosophy at a tiny liberal arts college just one city north of our hometown. Whenever we managed to schedule time for hanging out, we’d usually go bar hopping or kayaking if it was the middle of the day. But now that he has moved back to town, we finally have time to hang out with one another again. We visit the gym together and we help each other out with workouts and general safety. If you’re going to bench press 180 pounds or more, you need someone to spot you or you’re insane for thinking otherwise. That’s why it’s nice to have a close friend you’ve known for decades to accompany you whenever you go to the gym for workout routines. Sometimes we swim in the pool while we’re there as well. It’s a huge fitness center with all sorts of amenities that other local gyms lack, like racquetball and basketball courts inside. One of the busiest parts of the gym during the day are the steam rooms inside the male and female locker rooms. People go in there at the end of their workout to sweat in the heat. I never knew the motivation for using steam rooms, especially since they smell like sweat and body odor in the worst way.
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Personal fitness trainers can teach you the skills and workouts to lose weight

If you’re coming off a sedentary lifestyle, they can pivot you in the direction of finally gaining healthy eating and fitness habits

I understand what it’s like to struggle with one’s weight. My issues started around the age of nine when I was injured during P.E. class at school while playing a game of soccer. I tore ligaments in my ankle and my leg and foot were put into a cast. For whatever reason my ankle was never 100% again after that childhood injury. But the worst part was gaining these unhealthy habits of eating and watching TV because I couldn’t do anything else while I was still recovering. By the time I recovered I became lazier and was eating too much snack food throughout the afternoon hours each day. Even though I was still happily playing outside with my friends, it was harder to keep up with everyone else without getting winded and physically exhausted. Once you reach this point, it causes you to avoid physical activity, which in turn makes you even more weak. It’s a really vicious cycle that feeds itself if you don’t stop the process. At my age, I really needed outside help to become healthier and to take my fitness seriously. That’s why personal fitness trainers are so helpful. They work with you one on one and create a workout plant that is perfect for your needs and existing abilities. If you’re coming off a sedentary lifestyle, they can pivot you in the direction of finally gaining healthy eating and fitness habits. It’s hard to lose weight from working out when you don’t really know how to workout in the first place. Unless you have a friend who is a gym rat or is obsessed with fitness and can shadow you through your improvements, it might be better to simply hire a personal fitness trainer.
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Gym membership fees are lower amid the pandemic to increase customer interest

One of the saddest moments for me during the initial pandemic lockdowns was when I realized that my favorite gym and fitness center could potentially go out of business. Like all gyms, they had to close for several months before restrictions loosened enough in my state where they could slowly resume functioning at some minimal capacity. I feel lucky that the COVID numbers are down in my state and how that lets fitness centers like mine stay open, but it could only be a matter of time before we have to regress again. I use masks there regardless, but I have to use ones with good airflow or I’ll pass out from exhaustion much faster. One advantage with going to the gym these days is the huge membership discount that is in effect right now. All current and future members will pay 40% less than the typical monthly cost for the foreseeable future. Having lower gym membership fees is an amazing benefit to going to the fitness center during a time when many people are still avoiding these kinds of places. The membership fee discounts are a necessity or they can’t lure in enough business to keep the lights on. I will always be loyal and devoted to this company as long as they are still open for business, but some residents in the area didn’t even know about this place until the membership fee discounts were advertised on local television, radio, and target internet ads on social media websites. Although I’m happy that this fitness center is going to stay afloat, I miss having half of the gym to myself when they were struggling to get people in the door. You can’t have the best of both worlds as there will always be a compromise.
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Keeping my HVAC company current

I have always remained current with modern trends and technology.

  • I’ve made improvements to the operation of my HVAC business by taking advantage of modern advances in products and techniques.

While competitors in the field are unwilling to embrace change, I continue to educate myself and reinvent the company. I am on top of online advertising. I am a 57-year-old guy who began his own HVAC company out of his garage nearly thirty years ago. Back then, there was no such thing as a web site. I advertised my business in the yellow pages of the phone book. I took out newspaper ads. I bought time on radio and television. However, things change, and I have kept up with the opportunities provided by new technology. I was one of the first HVAC providers in my local service area to estable a website and create social media pages. I’ve learned how to tweak our strategies to help my company grow, evolve and reach new clients. THe new home and business owners who reach out to us for repairs or installation have come across our service through our website or social media page. I recently started targeting keywords. It makes sense that when potential clients are looking for heating, cooling or air quality assistance, they start on Google. They type specific words into the search bar. Some of the most common keywords are gas furnace repair, air conditioner maintenance, ductless installation, duct cleaning, wifi thermostat and dehumidifiers. Their search is concentrated on their location. We want to show up. I want my company to be at the top of the list of possibilities. Our website needs to grab their attention and invite them to call us. I’ve included a contact form on the website so that clients can connect with us immediately. We can even set up a service call that same day. It’s convenient for them and advantageous for us.

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Family owned HVAC company needs to make changes

An upgraded and user-friendly website was the right place to start.

I own an HVAC service dealership. We have been a family owned plus operated business for two generations. Although we are a smaller business, we’ve built a very loyal client base. Our customers know that we do good work and provide quality equipment. When they question whether it’s the right time to replace their heating system, we tell them the truth. When they sign up for a preventive maintenance agreement for their heating and cooling equipment, we provide proactive strategies that save them time and money. I was satisfied with the size and scope of the operation. A little over two years ago, my son earned NATE- and EPA-certification and acquired the necessary licensing and insurance to join our team. Right away, he wanted to expand the business to new areas. At first, I wasn’t thrilled. I was reluctant to make changes. I wasn’t convinced when he started mentioning building an online presence and using social media platforms. I eventually agreed with his suggestions. I knew that to grow meant to increase profits and remain competitive in a growing market. Our family HVAC company needed to keep up with the times. Our customers no longer find us through the phone book or newspaper . When they look for heating or air conditioner services, they turn to Google. They ultimately call the company that pops up on the first page. They prefer to fill out contact pages. They choose to browse services online and find out through their computer whether the business offers 24/7 emergency repairs. We needed to make our potential clients aware that we provide residential and commercial services, duct sealing, ductless options, indoor air quality solutions and more. An upgraded and user-friendly website was the right place to start. We then needed our website to show up on Google’s first page. We needed a better social media presence. Fortunately, my son was able to handle all of that for us.



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Brother can do grout cleaning and repair

My little brother was ready to leave the home.

But our mother wasn’t sure about it, but for quite some time, it had been the 2 of them.

But now, my little brother was no longer a little boy as well as felt the need to have his own space. Out of all his friends, my brother was the only 1 still living at home, yet my brother had a successful carpet cleaning business. My brother sat mom down 1 Summer time day as well as explained that he wanted to transfer out. This time my mom opted to let him go since it was time. My brother began scouting for an apartment with his friends in the city. My brother wanted a space with 2 bedrooms to make sure there was a spot to take his equipment. About a month later, my brother came across the perfect area as well as began making steps to move. The area was in great shape, but my brother needed some grout repair services. He noticed some stains on the grout which he didn’t like. So my brother called 1 of his competition to ask if they knew of any grout cleaning tricks. He got the information from them. My brother had to buy some materials but did it himself. Now he can offer grout cleaning and repair with his new business. He was so excited to learn a new skill that he was able to apply in his own home. What luck, right?



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I am her cleaner now

My old college friend worked in a doctor’s office in the town for the longest time as well as got lots of great experience.

  • The dream that led her to join a private practice was to help people who couldn’t afford extravagant doctors, however, my roommate knew she had to understand how the medical field worked as well as get some real-world experience.

That’s the advice her mother had given her the day she shared her idea; My roommate worked at the doctor’s office for 6 years, then quit to go back to her hometown. She learned a lot as well as used her money to open a small medical practice in town. The building wasn’t the tall buildings she’d left behind as well as required cleaning service; Every renter had to hire their own cleaning company or handle the cleaning themselves. My roommate knew she needed a cleaning person, so she searched online for any office cleaning companies near the building. She found a local message board where people posted things they needed or were looking for a job. She came across a cleaning person that sounded familiar. At least she knew she had seen the name a long time ago. It turned out the janitorial company was owned by her friend from college, her old roommate, me! She called me, we spoke on the phone as well as talked about cleaning. I asked about carpet cleaning, floor waxing, grout service, all that enjoyable stuff. The two of us settled on schedule, cost as well as went forth from there. It was good to talk again.

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