Our home page was offline all morning for repairs

Next week both of us have to completely upgrade the online website for our Heating & A/C service business.

My partner Max & I have been considering the swings for a while.

The old website was dated & it did not have our new logo. I found an online ad business online to help make some swings to the website. I liked all of the sample drawings and art that they made & I was pretty impressed with the brand new logo. The advertising business set us up with keywords on the front page, a link sharing page, & the ability to do paper click advertising. Pay per click advertising was important to me, because I needed to be able to advertise some of our more unknown services love ductless AC upgrades, radiant heated floors, & industrial air filtration machine upgrade. These are services that someone would look for on Google, however companies might not unique ly advertise the services, by using Pay Per Click, or PPC advertising, I can zone in on the needs of a few unique buyers instead of an immense group of people. The website was offline all morning today because Max and I are already starting to make some of the swings. A customer called myself and Max this morning, because he was trying to schedule an appointment using the online system. Their air conditioning system was putting out sizzling air & the customer wanted a service tech to come to his home… She was attempting to schedule an online appointment, however the program wasn’t working whatsoever. I took down all of his information & apologized for the trouble. I told the customer that both of us were busy making adjustments that are going to look very great.

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