My daughter loves to paint

My kid Cassie loves to paint, and his dream is to have his own art studio one day.

She just began learning the art of glass blowing and she has fallen in love with it! Currently, he is using a shed that we have in our yard to create all her artwork, but so far, she has created some beautiful glass pieces and has sold some on the internet.

For now, the shed is now working out but eventually, she will need a bigger space. It would be nice if he could find an artisan loft for rent in the area, maybe in the art district that is not too far from our home. Not only could he continue to master the art of glass blowing, but she could also use the part as an art studio. She could have art shows to showcase her work, and she would also be able to invite other artists to do the same. In addition, she could also teach art classes inside the artisan loft and even potentially share the rented part with another artist! The possibilities are endless if she found an artisan loft for rent in the area. Furthermore, I guess it would also supply her more exposure as nobody comes to the shed where she currently works. Well, some of our family members have stopped in to check out some of his designs! We have been searching online every day and I am hoping that we find an artisan loft for rent sooner than later. I guess it is the best way for Cassie to expand his work as an artist.

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