The theater wasn’t comfortable on opening night

Lots of problems occur on opening night, especially at the theater.

My wife and I had tickets for opening night and we planned to see the hottest show in town.

We arrived about an hour early, even though we anticipated the show would not start on time. We had several friends attending the event and all of us stood outside on the patio with champagne and glasses of wine. It was warm outside, so I removed my jacket and my wife removed her sweater. As the night progressed and the sun started to set, the temperature got cooler. I expected to be comfortable after entering the theater, especially wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket. Unfortunately, it was very warm inside of the theater. The air conditioner did not seem to be running. A few moments after my wife and I took our seats, someone came to the middle of the stage and announced that there was an issue with the air conditioner. They were going to delay the start of the play for an hour and the repair service was certain they would be able to have everything fixed before the curtain went up. We went back outside to the bar and everyone got free wine while we waited for the AC problem to be repaired. The show finally started 45 minutes after the intended time. We made it to our seats as the director was walking to the stage. The actors were flawless and the show was amazing. There was no way to tell something was an issue just minutes before curtain.
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