The storms brought down a tree on our power line

One of the worst times to be without power is during the summer months.

It’s hot, humid, and the daylight hours are the longest.

Unfortunately, going without power happens frequently during the summer because I live in a part of the country that experiences severe tropical storms and hurricanes activity. The smallest thunderstorm can shut down the power grid for hours, so major storms are always a problem. My family and I constantly live with the threat of hurricanes coming ashore. Last month one of the storms brought down a tree on our power line. The entire neighborhood was without power including my house and several of my neighbors. Everyone was upset with the power company. The biggest problem with having no power is also having no AC. The summer temperatures average ninety or ninety-five degrees every single day. When there is no AC in the house, everyone is miserable. If there is no AC and no power, the children act like they live in a prison. They think reading a book or playing outside is punishment. We were only without power for two days when the storm took out the tree, but it certainly felt like a week after going without AC all that time. I really think it might be time to buy a generator. I’ve been holding back because they are terribly expensive. A generator big enough to supply power to our home would cost us about five grand. That’s more than I paid for my car, but it might be the only way to survive these summer storms if they continue to get bigger and more threatening.

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