The kids needed an extra blanket to stay warm

Several weeks ago, I told my wife that I thought the furnace was making a strange sound.

I urged my wife to call and make an appointment with the furnace service provider.

I was worried the problem would cause bigger issues in the future. Both of us forgot about the service appointment and each became busy with different projects. Last night, the furnace broke down in the Middle of the night. I got up to use the bathroom at midnight and I noticed it was much colder in the house than normal. I was planning to adjust the thermostat and that’s when I realized it was only 62 in the house. The furnace should have been running already since the thermostat was set at 72 degrees. I woke up my wife and we agreed to call the emergency heating repair service. It was only going to get colder throughout the night and we did not have any other way to heat the house. We had a single space heater in the garage and I put that heater in the bedroom with the kids. My wife put an extra blanket on the bed so they would stay warm. The two of us bundled up in several layers of clothing and waited for the heating repair service to arrive. They didn’t show up until 5 in the morning. My wife and I were nearly frozen solid, but the kids were toasty and warm and slept right through all of the problems. When they woke up for breakfast, the repair tech was just finishing with the repair and paperwork.
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