My buddy was really upset when he found out

My girlfriend and I went out to dinner last Friday night.

We decided to go to a new restaurant that serves seafood.

The place is supposed to have the best lobster roll in three states. When my girlfriend and I were out to dinner, we ran into my best friend’s girlfriend and another guy. I didn’t have a chance to talk to the guy, but she said he was her brother. I had no reason to believe that wasn’t the truth, because they didn’t seem to be romantically involved. They weren’t holding hands or making out and I absolutely bought her lies. Unfortunately, I realized later that evening that she was with someone else and on a first date. It was very hot and a little uncomfortable inside the restaurant. It didn’t seem like the air conditioner was working very well. It might have been the constant people going in and out, but it was very humid and warm. Our table wasn’t near the air conditioner vent. My girlfriend tried to find a table under an air conditioner vent and I went out to the parking lot to smoke a cigarette. While I was outside, I ran into the guy with my best friend’s girl. He told me that he was on a first date and he said he met her online. I double checked to make sure that it was the same girl, and it absolutely turned out to be her. My buddy was really upset when he found out. I gave the girl a chance to come clean and tell him about the date, but she refused to be a grown up.


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