I needed to find a cool area to sit and relax

The two of us were already working from our up-to-date home when a lot of people had to stop working because of the pandemic.

The two of us have friends that struggled quite a bit and they were not accustomed from keeping a good schedule.

The two of us had been scheduling those types of issues for many years. Our own dealer gave the two of us many incentives so we would still be willing to Todd from our home. They were breaking down the overall size of the staff and wanted us to use the offices. The two of us had bonuses in addition to a hefty pay raise. The two of us had a task working at home and our quantity in addition to quality of work was genuinely improved. One of the biggest reasons is due to the fact that the two of us can work in a space that has great air conditioning. The two of us allow the air conditioner to cool the house everyday. The two of us don’t get warm because we keep the thermostats at very low. The two of us have many clever strategies to help us deal with these problems. The two of us I feel like it gets hot but there are lots of places around town that offer free air conditioning as well. If the two of us want to go down to the coffee shop as well as work there for a while. It’s really not a big deal and also an easy way to break up the mundane day.

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