Delivery times were longer than we expected

My wife and I decided to order a space heater for the garage, because we knew a lot of family would stay with us during the holidays.

We have a couch, television, and a small refrigerator in the garage.

The space isn’t heated, but it is a great place for guests to stay. My wife and I found a reasonably priced space heater online and we ordered the item as soon as we made our decision. The space heater was supposed to arrive several days before our visitors. Unfortunately, delivery times were longer than we expected. Instead of taking 3 days, we waited 7 days for the space heater to arrive. I’m glad my wife and I did not wait longer to place the order, because we would have been in a lot of trouble. Thankfully, the space heater arrived a day before our guests and my wife and I had time to set up the room and warm up the area before anyone arrived. My mom, dad, siblings, cousins, and my aunt and uncle all came to stay with us during the holidays. My aunt and uncle decided to stay in the garage and I think they had the best room in the house. They were away from all of the fighting, commotion, and arguing. That is literally the last time I decided to host the entire family at the holidays. It was one big problem after another and I lost track of time trying to fix them all. I had a headache for three days after all of our visitors went back to their homes.

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