The local gym has steam rooms in the locker rooms

I recently started hanging out with one of my closest friends from middle school and high school.

I met him in the sixth grade when I sat behind him in math class. Although we hung out with each other all of the time in high school, this shortened to once or twice a year when we went to separate colleges. He studied engineering at a massive state university while I focused on psychology and philosophy at a tiny liberal arts college just one city north of our hometown. Whenever we managed to schedule time for hanging out, we’d usually go bar hopping or kayaking if it was the middle of the day. But now that he has moved back to town, we finally have time to hang out with one another again. We visit the gym together and we help each other out with workouts and general safety. If you’re going to bench press 180 pounds or more, you need someone to spot you or you’re insane for thinking otherwise. That’s why it’s nice to have a close friend you’ve known for decades to accompany you whenever you go to the gym for workout routines. Sometimes we swim in the pool while we’re there as well. It’s a huge fitness center with all sorts of amenities that other local gyms lack, like racquetball and basketball courts inside. One of the busiest parts of the gym during the day are the steam rooms inside the male and female locker rooms. People go in there at the end of their workout to sweat in the heat. I never knew the motivation for using steam rooms, especially since they smell like sweat and body odor in the worst way.
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