My new gym has free fitness coaching for senior citizens and people with disabilities

I moved into a mobile home community after my grandmother willed me her house upon her death. Although the mobile home park used to have a strict age policy of 55 and up, they have since let people as young as 35 move in as long as they had no children. Despite this, roughly 90% of the community are over 60 years of age, with many being much older than that. Some would hate living here for the generational gap alone, but I enjoy conversing with my neighbors. I get a lot of help and advice from my next door neighbor George who is a retired handyman. Since my dad is no longer around, he has unofficially filled the gap and I appreciate him immensely for that reason. However, sometimes I’m able to repay the favor if it means helping him with his smartphone or his computer. Recently I recommended to him a fitness center in town that offers free one on one fitness coaching for senior citizens and those suffering with permanent disabilities. His doctor told him to lose weight and get healthier, but he didn’t have enough money coming in from his pension to hire a personal fitness trainer. Thus far he enjoys the free fitness coaching at the gym I referred him to. His doctor is happy because the workout plan is getting his blood pressure down along with the gradual weight loss. Thus far, he has lost 15 pounds since joining the local gym and starting their free fitness coaching program for senior citizens and people with disabilities.


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