Keeping my HVAC company current

I have always remained current with modern trends and technology.

  • I’ve made improvements to the operation of my HVAC business by taking advantage of modern advances in products and techniques.

While competitors in the field are unwilling to embrace change, I continue to educate myself and reinvent the company. I am on top of online advertising. I am a 57-year-old guy who began his own HVAC company out of his garage nearly thirty years ago. Back then, there was no such thing as a web site. I advertised my business in the yellow pages of the phone book. I took out newspaper ads. I bought time on radio and television. However, things change, and I have kept up with the opportunities provided by new technology. I was one of the first HVAC providers in my local service area to estable a website and create social media pages. I’ve learned how to tweak our strategies to help my company grow, evolve and reach new clients. THe new home and business owners who reach out to us for repairs or installation have come across our service through our website or social media page. I recently started targeting keywords. It makes sense that when potential clients are looking for heating, cooling or air quality assistance, they start on Google. They type specific words into the search bar. Some of the most common keywords are gas furnace repair, air conditioner maintenance, ductless installation, duct cleaning, wifi thermostat and dehumidifiers. Their search is concentrated on their location. We want to show up. I want my company to be at the top of the list of possibilities. Our website needs to grab their attention and invite them to call us. I’ve included a contact form on the website so that clients can connect with us immediately. We can even set up a service call that same day. It’s convenient for them and advantageous for us.

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