I am her cleaner now

My old college friend worked in a doctor’s office in the town for the longest time as well as got lots of great experience.

  • The dream that led her to join a private practice was to help people who couldn’t afford extravagant doctors, however, my roommate knew she had to understand how the medical field worked as well as get some real-world experience.

That’s the advice her mother had given her the day she shared her idea; My roommate worked at the doctor’s office for 6 years, then quit to go back to her hometown. She learned a lot as well as used her money to open a small medical practice in town. The building wasn’t the tall buildings she’d left behind as well as required cleaning service; Every renter had to hire their own cleaning company or handle the cleaning themselves. My roommate knew she needed a cleaning person, so she searched online for any office cleaning companies near the building. She found a local message board where people posted things they needed or were looking for a job. She came across a cleaning person that sounded familiar. At least she knew she had seen the name a long time ago. It turned out the janitorial company was owned by her friend from college, her old roommate, me! She called me, we spoke on the phone as well as talked about cleaning. I asked about carpet cleaning, floor waxing, grout service, all that enjoyable stuff. The two of us settled on schedule, cost as well as went forth from there. It was good to talk again.

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