Gym membership fees are lower amid the pandemic to increase customer interest

One of the saddest moments for me during the initial pandemic lockdowns was when I realized that my favorite gym and fitness center could potentially go out of business. Like all gyms, they had to close for several months before restrictions loosened enough in my state where they could slowly resume functioning at some minimal capacity. I feel lucky that the COVID numbers are down in my state and how that lets fitness centers like mine stay open, but it could only be a matter of time before we have to regress again. I use masks there regardless, but I have to use ones with good airflow or I’ll pass out from exhaustion much faster. One advantage with going to the gym these days is the huge membership discount that is in effect right now. All current and future members will pay 40% less than the typical monthly cost for the foreseeable future. Having lower gym membership fees is an amazing benefit to going to the fitness center during a time when many people are still avoiding these kinds of places. The membership fee discounts are a necessity or they can’t lure in enough business to keep the lights on. I will always be loyal and devoted to this company as long as they are still open for business, but some residents in the area didn’t even know about this place until the membership fee discounts were advertised on local television, radio, and target internet ads on social media websites. Although I’m happy that this fitness center is going to stay afloat, I miss having half of the gym to myself when they were struggling to get people in the door. You can’t have the best of both worlds as there will always be a compromise.
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