Group fitness training classes made me less self-conscious about working out

I accept responsibility for my weight problems, but sometimes it’s difficult to break habits that you’ve had ingrained in you for decades.

There was a lot of insecurity and chaos in my childhood and I think it forced me to find a quick coping mechanism to ease my anxiety.

As a kid with no access to substances, my outlet was music and food. I bought lots of cassette tapes and CDs from my favorite bands and recording artists. Coinciding with this, I was often stopping at unhealthy fast food joints to eat meals loaded with trans-fats, empty calories, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. It started to get really bad when I got a car of my own and could start driving to the mall so I could eat a grotesquely large meal in the food court. When I hit 260 pounds last year, it was my final wakeup call. I knew that I would soon have high blood pressure and blood sugar, and before long I could develop type two diabetes. Thankfully, a local fitness center was offering membership discounts for new customers. This was the impetus to get me off my butt and in the gym losing weight and getting healthy for a change. However, it’s hard when you don’t know proper workout routines. Just using the treadmill and free weights wasn’t getting me the results I was looking for so I decided to join a group fitness training class. It was nice because I was finally learning proper workout routines from a professional, but I wasn’t paying the high cost associated with hiring a personal trainer. At the same time, I was getting much of the same information and it made me less self-conscious about working out in the gym. The group fitness training classes gave me the skills I needed to craft a workout plan that is tailored to me and my needs.



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