At-home fitness coaching is a booming business right now

When my buddy Mike said that he wanted to be a yoga and fitness coach, I wasn’t sure if he would succeed with the competition in our city.

At first he faltered, since he had to finance his certifications and the training in the first place.

During this time he worked for restaurants and landscaping companies, exhausting himself to death. But things took a turn for the good when he found a company that offers at-home fitness coaching. Many of their clients are elderly or disabled, making it near impossible for them to get to a gym or fitness center. In one way you’re looking at a highly lucrative business, but on the other hand it’s also a noble cause helping those who are so vulnerable and physically debilitated. Even if a regular fitness coach offered to take patients like this, there’s no guarantee if they would possess the right compassion needed to work with these clients. My friend’s employer focuses heavily on attitude, speech, and behavior along with the actual skills and practical understanding of the job and what it entails. My friend is happy about having a steady job, but he’s not sure if he’s going to stick with private fitness coaching beyond the immediate future. His goal is to eventually find a great fitness center or certified gym where he can teach group fitness training classes. In places like this you can find a large variety of different demographics of people to work with. This kind of fitness center is probably his best fit for his long term future as a fitness coach.

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