Making your Comfort a priority

I’ve been down the unfortunate road plenty, when the economy tanks. However, I don’t guess I ever figured that the economy would tank because of a health crisis. Goes to show what I know. It also points out just how vulnerable our way of life can be. While there has been a minimal safety net that has been slow to be effectively deployed , most of us are taking it in the shorts. I guess that’s the truth for me. I’m still trying to make a living while working from the Heating and A/C in my house. Yet, the income has really not been even close to what it was before. So there has been a lot of money saving and budget reviewing in our household. My wife says it was the warmest summer time she ever spent in this house. She’s really right. Since I was at home working, I made it positive that the heating and air conditioning thermostat was in savings mode. But it saved us numerous hundred dollars. Where I live, the heating and cooling comes on about May plus does not quit until November. I was blissful to have the savings. However, that doesn’t mean I break corners on the Heating plus A/C either. I made sure the Heating plus A/C preventive maintenance still was performed. I still replaced our HVAC air filter always. Cutting corners isn’t for essentials like my HVAC In fact, we are going to have to get an Heating and A/C repair done prior to the heat coming back. The HVAC tech told me this was necessary plus I believe him. So, I will also be making sure the Heating and A/C repair is done by those particularly same professionals.

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