We all had to research the features before making our decision

Monitoring this is actually quite expensive and it gives myself and some others a great piece of mind

My wife and also myself decided to purchase a place and we also installed a nice security method and that was a priority. I did not want to risk the Intruder breaking in or any potential consequences. I took many precautionary measures like having an alarm because it made sense. There were odd systems and also features that were available. Choosing the combination for the security system was actually difficult. I spent many countless hours researching the different models, makes, and every chance on the market. I easily wanted to know the pressing and most beneficial features that should be included for my security method. I needed something that would do a little bit more than make an alarm sound when there was an intruder. I definitely wanted security cameras inside and also outside. I could stay current on the things happening by watching a real-time video on my iPhone tablet. If I saw someone approaching the door or delivering a package or even coming to the driveway, the motion sensor cameras automatically became active. Monitoring this is actually quite expensive and it gives myself and some others a great piece of mind. We can even use the security system to verify the time when the kids get in and off of the bus safely. I constantly have self-explanatory access to the system plus an intercom that allows me to speak to the person resting outside on the porch. The entire security system is really something that both of us felt was important for our new home and property.
Building Access Control

Keeping clean is a reflection of you business

I sometimes can’t even believe that I am getting paid to do what I do.

I mean I’m making a living just living my passion.

My partners and I turned our personal interests into a thriving business. But we are still working on considering ourselves professional. And that is an important distinction. It has a lot to do with respect. A person in business needs to promote a professional image in order to be taken seriously. If you look unorganized, it’s likely that your customers will see that as a problem. This is something we had to deal with in our shop. Initially, we didn’t have any sort of commercial cleaning service. It just wasn’t something that we considered. We figured we could do the basic janitorial service ourselves. I mean how hard could it be to empty the trash and do the carpet cleaning. That was the wrong way to look at it as I would come to learn. Having a clean, organized business space is essential to being considered professional. And while we were all still so surprised that we were making a living from our personal passions, we had to project a more professional appearance. My dad came to visit. While kind and supportive, he was also very clear that the appearance of our shop reflected poorly on us. He suggested that we call a commercial cleaning company immediately. Being our own cleaning lady was not working at all. Dad was right, the place looked bad and did not represent our level of seriousness about what we were doing at all. Now, that we have a regular, daily cleaning service, we walk into a more professional environment every single day.


Floor cleaning service

Cleaning company was a natural fit for me

My dad said I was a bossy pants from the time I could talk.

While I do acknowledge that I like calling the shots and being my own boss, I hope I’m not a bossy pants.

When I got to highschool, I started up a bit of a cleaning service to make extra money. It was mainly for my dad’s colleagues and acquaintances but that was fine with me. I just did the basic janitorial services that most offices needed. It was carpet cleaning, collecting the trash and a bit of monthly floor maintenance. I so enjoyed being my own boss that I carried this cleaning service as I went through college. Again, I was able to get my studies completed but I could do office cleaning in the evening. I was even able to hire a few people to help me out. It worked out great. Then once I graduated, it seemed like a very natural next step to grow my existing office cleaning service. I had spent all that time in college learning the finer points of business. So, it only made sense for me to use that knowledge and turn what I had into a commercial cleaning company. I started by getting some commercial floor cleaning equipment. Next came a couple of vehicles and hiring a crew. Now, it’s a decade later and I have a very successful commercial cleaning company. We have multiple crews and supervisors. While I work the business, I still like to get out there and clean a carpet or two now and again.



Floor maintenance

Quick transfer require temporary housing

My head is on a swivel.

  • So much has happened in such a short amount of time that I still wake up wondering just where I am sometimes.

My life was totally changed and up ended but in a good way. The last six years, I have been working my first career job since leaving college. This is has been that paying your dues period. And then it happened. I got summoned to meeting with the big boss and was offered a promotion. But it came with a transfer so I would have to be figuring out some sort of temporary housing. My company offered me the corporate housing plan initially. However, when I saw what they were calling corporate suites, I balked. The corporate housing was little more than a tiny efficiency apartment and that was being kind. While I appreciated the option, I just didn’t think that would be a comfortable option even temporarily. So, I got on my horse and started scouring the new region for a more acceptable temporary or month to month housing. I was able to find some fully furnished apartments that had a month to month lease. So, I could have my stuff moved out later and into storage. Having the fully furnished apartment allowed me to hit the ground running and be able to fully focus on my new position. Once my stuff got out to my new town, I could then take my time finding a more suitable housing situation. With the new position comes a real salary so I might even be able to buy a starter house. That would be wonderful. But until then my short term apartment rental will be a blessing.

corporate housing

Actually engaging with clients now thanks to online SEO

I come from an age where local SEO meant billboards & 30 hour spots on the local television stations. Even though there was a lot of money poured into this category of advertising, I entirely rarely paid attention. I’d notice a billboard whenever it changed over & some of the television ads were pretty funny. But seriously, when I wanted something, I went by word of mouth or did my research. That’s why using online & digital SEO is so important today to my Heating & Air Conditioning business. I don’t like the funny ads on television & I’ve decided against doing circulars or newspaper insertions. Using techniques love SEO & SEM are where I’m putting my SEO dollars. Search engine SEO uses how people go about seeking out goods & services. Instead of asking around or getting higher BBB ratings, both of us go straight to the internet. It’s today’s word of mouth & research all rolled up into 1 package. Thus, it’s only logical to use a digital & online SEO business who have the tools such as PPC & fasten building to get your Heating & Air Conditioning business observed. This is a solid strategy that I trust to be handled by the skilled online SEO business both of us employ. To date, they have not only completely updated our internet site however the volume of traffic both of us are seeing now is quite amazing. And both of us didn’t have to wait a year for some SEO plot to take hold. I’m a believer in using online SEO because I am seeing the bottom line results. That is what it’s ultimately all about anyhow. This week’s SEO needs to be done where the people are & the people are online. I believe that my Heating & Air Conditioning business is there to greet them.


Google ads

Marketing with using the right tools is what online SEO is about

If you aren’t 100% passionate about owning, laboring & growing your own business, then you are honestly not going to be really successful.

Fortunately for me, I found Heating & Air Conditioning fit my personality & have been passionate about this work from day one.

But it takes a lot of energy & great focus just to carve out a living. Marketing matters as well which is why I am embracing online SEO advertising. My initial SEO strategy was just having my name out there whether on a business card or the side of my truck. When I went out on my own, all I had was my skills & a great reputation for ethics & know-how. That was essential to start & maintain my Heating & Air Conditioning business. But things have changed a lot since then & I have to adapt with them. Honestly, if you don’t have an online SEO platform in the Heating & Air Conditioning industry, you are really limiting yourself. I had 1 of my professionals introduce me to search engine based SEO. So, I took a meeting with an online digital SEO business to see what it was all about. I was not at all disappointed. They had a game system that would change my website so it was intuitive & quite interactive. Those who came to the place could particularly interact with us. But it was using SEO, SEM & PPC that really pushed the traffic to my new site. All of us were particularly getting right in front of search engines & people were seeing us. It has been thrilling to witness what the right online & digital SEO will do for an Heating & Air Conditioning business love mine. Based on our results so far, this is the way to make the most of your SEO dollar.
marketing business

Building momentum with online SEO

I’ve seen bad times before & I’ll honestly see bad times again.

However, just getting my Heating & Air Conditioning business off the ground initially has been the greatest challenge of my life.

But, I never expected it to be easy either. The Heating & Air Conditioning business I own is nearly 5 years old now. In that time, I have been able to grow my business from just me to me & a couple of technicians. However, I really want to push further to build this business. Now that I have a bit of a solid foothold, I system on growing using SEM & SEO services. Online SEO is the prime element of the SEO that I want to do. I have heard some wonder what online SEO can do which more traditional advertising doesn’t. Sure, traditional SEO has its place however people are also looking somewhere else to find services love Heating & Air Conditioning. All of us are now firmly entrenched in the digital era. So, it’s only logical that both of us stick with digital SEO as the path forward for targeting SEO. I can point to all sorts of data that clearly indicate that SEM & SEO are really, really productive in the SEO service business. All of us all go online now to find out what both of us are looking at. Why not let a digital SEO business put your online presence in front of the clients who are looking at what you provide. This is what I’m doing. My website is no longer a passive internet billboard. All of us are now interaction with potential clients. And the capture rate has been simply outstanding.

SEO services

Removing the old posts was a pain in the butt

My partner as well as myself could only afford a cottage that was a true as well as complete mess.

The place was abandoned for at least seven years.

The two of us were hoping to purchase and adequately large house, but in order to do that the two of us had to rely on a property that was in need of multiple repairs. There was water mangle in each room. The two of us had a mouse infestation as well as corroded pipes and broken windows. The two of us could only recover the studs inside of the walls as well as the ceilings and Floors. My partner as well as myself handled Renovations all around the house, but when it came time to tear down the old aged fence on the property, I quickly realized that it was going to be far too big of a job for the two of us to do on our own. All of the fence posts were rotted as well as overgrown. My partner as well as myself easily spent many different hours trying to fix up the fence, but we eventually decided to hire a company that specializes in removing old fences. They got the whole property ready for a new fence installation and removed all of the pieces for one low fee and price. After we were done, my wife as well as myself decided to call a company to install some type of vinyl fencing instead of wood. It seemed like a much easier way to create privacy without going through all of the hassle of using the wood posts again.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

Let me enjoy this sail

Work has been truly busy over the past couple of months plus I have not had a lot of time for recreational activities. My boat was sitting outside by the dock for weeks plus weeks. The first time I had a day with sun plus no work to complete, I decided to take the boat out for a spin. I loaded up a cooler with some ice cold beer plus water plus I grabbed a couple of sandwiches from the fridge. I headed down to the tiny dock with my boat shoes plus the cooler. I loaded the cooler onto the boat plus I felt a miniature bee sting the back of my neck. It was a pinch, but I knew it was a baby. When I turned my big, dumb head, I saw a large nest of bees in the corner of the boat house. The nest had tons of bees swarming all over plus I started to notice these all over The boat house. I didn’t want to – again – miss out on my day on the boat, so I carefully boarded the boat plus drifted carefully out of the house. As soon as I was past the nest of bees, I turned on the engine. I later spent most of the day fishing, but I called the exterminator as soon as I got back home to start on work again. The next day, the supplier sent a repair specialist to check on the terrifying problem. The bee extermination repair provider told myself and others that the large nest of bees was certainly yellow jackets. He said they can be a real nuisance, but they are honestly self-explanatory to eradicate. After that, the guy inspected and repaired the problem once plus for all.


Yellow Jacket

I think I’m going to learn a lot

I suppose it sounded as if it was a lot of fun plus it was a totally current plus odd experience

I lost my task a couple of weeks ago plus it took too much time to find something new. I didn’t want to go back to the food repair industry. I was previously working in a restaurant for 3 years. I genuinely would have spent my whole life going off and working in the restaurant, but the venue closed for good. I spent 10 weeks on unemployment, but I recently started looking for a current task. I went to a couple of stuffy interviews before I found something that is really perfect. I interviewed with a paper factory that produces paper towels plus toilet paper. The foreman told myself and others that I was hired – I could begin anytime, but I didn’t genuinely want the task. My Dad retired from 50 years of factory work plus I didn’t want to end up in a boring union task. I also went out and interviewed for a task as a junior beekeeper. I would learn how to detach or easily relocate bees, waps, red overcoats, plus honey bees. I thought that task could be a truly interesting job, but it didn’t pay as much as the factory. I thought about my available choices for various days, before I called someone to say yeah to the bee task. I picked the junior beekeeper position, clearly. I suppose it sounded as if it was a lot of fun plus it was a totally current plus odd experience. It’s been 6 short weeks since I started working as a beekeeper. I have learned a ton about bees plus wasps plus the way they build their nests. I also have had about twenty or thirty odd stings on my face, but I’m getting better each time I assist with a task.

Honey hive