Anything to get the Baby to Sleep

I got one of those cool new smart thermostats tacked onto the bill as well

I recently depleted my savings to get a modern Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan and I blame my baby. My sweet baby is seriously skittish, but certain noises just freak him out. I can’t spray anything because the sound scares him. If I rip aluminum foil he goes still love I might murder him in his playpen. The worst was the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C clicking on and off. When the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C would click, it was super loud and the air would blow out really fast and scare the baby. It startled myself and others the first few times it did it. I thought my little baby would get used to the noise however didn’t. He started crying anytime the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C was on and I knew I couldn’t put up with it anymore. I called up a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contractor to do some service. I had in my mind that a little cleaning and the plan would be better. Turns out my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C was on its last legs. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business offered me the option to just clean it and let myself and others use it until it no longer does anything. I would only get about another year of life out of it. I thought about my baby and decided to update to a bigger, better and more modern system. Yes, my savings account is empty now. I got a geothermal heat pump plan that had a substantial upfront cost. I got one of those cool new smart thermostats tacked onto the bill as well. I just about fainted to the floor when I saw the invoice. Now that I own the modern system, I love that it is quiet and energy efficient. My baby sleeps right through it turning on and off now.

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My She-Shed is a Home Gym

The smartest thing I ever did was get a ductless mini split air conditioner and heater for my space.

I have a backyard shed that I use for my workout facility. I do a gymnastic based workout everyday. I used to take physical education when I was in high school and even while I was in my college years, now I use the shed. I am not training for anything serious, just for fun. The universal machine is a great all over body workout and I love having fitness goals and working towards them. With the universal machine though, the temperature in my shed is actually way too high. In the Summer it is not common for the weather to get close to triple digits. That is just way too hot to use the universal machine. If I get that hot, I start to sweat and my hands and feet get slippery. I can’t live properly because when I attempt to, I slide all over the place. Being too frigid is just as bad but in a different way though. If I am cold, I have trouble stretching and getting my muscles warm. I can’t really lift the weights on the universal machine because my muscles are suffering without the heater. Frequently I will destroy myself on frigid afternoons because I work out even though I really shouldn’t. The smartest thing I ever did was get a ductless mini split air conditioner and heater for my space. I have both heating and cooling power and can control the thermostat easily. I now don’t experience sweltering or chilly temperatures. I make sure to either preheat or pre-cool my little shed on actually extreme weather afternoons. Most of the time, a quick thermostat adjustment is all I need to be able to use my little universal machine.

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The Heck with the Marathon

When my neighbor Beatrice asked me if I wanted to run a marathon together I instantaneously said “absolutely” and began training. Thank goodness I didn’t respectfully sign up or boast to my co-workers about how easy the run would be. I actually thought it would be a cake walk. Well I run without fail at my local gym on the treadmill. I have my special running outfit, a full water bottle and I can use a powder room, shower and A/C plan the whole time. Thankfully someone recommended I try some outdoor running since marathons are not done on treadmills. That is when I realized running on a smooth track with no hills is actually different. Outside running is awful. OUtside, I can’t carry water with myself and others unless I want to wear it on my back; Second, the grass and sidewalk slopes, slants and has potholes. I also worry about guys whistling at me, scary men on my side of the street or getting run over by a car. I couldn’t mentally get in the zone and physically I was exhausted. The lack of cooling actually made me feel sick. I take the treadmill closest to the door at the gym. I realized that I have direct access to an air vent leading to the a/c. For my entire run I have A/C just dumping on my head. It keeps me feeling fine, and being outside in the heat meant I was getting side cramps, sweat pouring down my back and smelly crotch sweat. I had to make up an excuse to my neighbor about why I had to cancel running with her.


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Am I Ever Going to GEt HVAC Repair Done?

Due to COVID, tons of businesses are shut down or have simply stopped doing in person visits.

What is even more annoying is that I was social distancing and not calling for services because I thought it would be over in a few weeks.

Now that everything is shut down, I am desperate for a few things. I actually need to get my hair colored and no salon is open. I want to get a phone jack added to my study room and a light switch removed however my electrician is just not around. The worst is that my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan actually needs a repair. For a while, the a/c had made a low humming noise that has slowly just gotten louder since then. Now my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan decides when it feels love operating. It is not that peculiar for myself and others to wake up seeing our breath because my heater no longer feels love heating. I have cleaned it, changed the air filter and made promises that heating repair is coming before too much longer. My plan is pretty soon not going to know me. Most Heating, Ventilation plus A/C dealers are not even scheduling any in person repair sessions. That means I could buy a modern plan or have accessories shipped to my home. I don’t need that at all. I have been looking online in order to find one contractor that will do a repair appointment but all I have found is a place that does virtual consultations. I can have a virtual meeting on my iPad with a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business and discuss with him the problems I am having with the heater. He can tell myself and others what’s wrong and what the repair will probably cost. The guy won’t come to make the repair until after COVID, though, so it seems stupid to even call teh HVAc company at this point?


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Sometimes You Need a Salesperson

I care about online shopping way more than going in person. I much prefer wearing pjs, keeping my hair in a knot and not putting on makeup because nobody can see myself and others. Also, online shopping allows me to spend hours researching and hemming and hawing over whether I should buy or not. I rarely make a purchase that I am bummed about. When I am in person, I feel bad if I don’t buy something. If a salesperson puts in the effort, I assume I have to reward them. That is how I end up with a bike I don’t ride, shoes that look like old womans and a towel in the bathroom that doesn’t match anything else. There are particular things that are almost impossible to get right when you buy online. I am officially pretty careful when the size of the item matters. I have lucked out getting the best sized carpets, pots and even grocery items; however, recently I have been messing up buying air filters for my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. For some reason, it’s hard. For my first attempt, I didn’t even remember that a/c air filters have different measurements. I looked up my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C model and just purchased the cheapest one. Well I ended up with a baby sized air filter that didn’t fit in my system. Next time, I used the tape measure to find the perfect measurements and then when I ordered, I got the wrong type. The second time I accidentally purchased a washable filter and that was something no one wants, trust me. Finally I have purchased the ideal disposable HEPA air filter, however it took way longer and more cash when I could have gotten it right the first time if I had gone into the home store and asked a salesperson.


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HUmidifier is Helpful

Air quality is something I never thought about until I bought a house. I used to suppose it referred to the temperature of the air; You can have heated or cooled air quality. That’s not so, though, your air quality is measuring the moisture and how clean it is. I have also learned that I am actually sensitive to terrible indoor air conditions. I got myself both a humidifier and dehumidifier. That may seem excessive, even though I need the systems and I just care about them. In the Winter season having a humidifier pair with my heating plan is much nicer. I can set my oil furnace thermostat a little lower because when the air feels more moist, it feels warmer. I don’t have to find ways to eliminate static cling, chapped lips or bloody noses anymore. I also keep good and healthy throughout the winter when it is moderate and moist. In the Summer, removing the moisture from the house means a more comfortable life and less mold and mildew in the crevices of the bathroom. I also don’t chop out as often or have complications with my wood floors (or ankles!) swelling, but on top of controlling the moisture, I also use an air purification plan to breathe as well as possible. Having clean air quality is substantial for your health. They say to seal up your house and make sure it is airtight. That means the same pollutants are just moving throughout the air in the home. Did you suppose the indoor air is said to be more polluted than outside? I use an air cleaner to freshen my air quality and transport dust, smells and dirt. I don’t get sick as often as I used to, I experience fewer headaches, and I just plain feel better because of my humidifier and my dehumidifier.

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Home Sellers are not to be Trusted

I ended up going along with the house purchase anyway and got a bit of cash reduced for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C

People who sell their homes can’t be trusted. I now have heard story after story of people getting lied to when buying a house. The issue is constantly the seller being greedy. The house I purchased had a vile seller. The guy wanted way too much for what the house was worth. He also lied to myself and others about a million little things. First, he told myself and others that he was going to include the washer and dryer in the laundry room for me. He also promised to remove the old wood stove from the residing room since I didn’t want it, but lastly, I asked about the condition of the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit. The liar told myself and others the HVAC was just a couple years old and worked great… Well after the several of us finally agreed on a house selling amount, I got the house inspection. I l gained that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan was from the stone age and not all that great. The house inspector told myself and others that the a/c probably wouldn’t last another year. I wasn’t glad that I would need to transport in and have to gout straightaway and buy a central Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. I ended up going along with the house purchase anyway and got a bit of cash reduced for the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C. After moving into the house I realized that the guy didn’t remove the wood stove; maybe it could be a heater? No, I got the fireplace removed, and I had to get a professional Heating, Ventilation plus A/C business to remove it and call in the roofing company to repair the resulting hole in my ceiling. I also had to go out to WalMart to get a modern washer and dryer since the seller ended up not including it in the sale. I was furious by the time it was all over.

Life Partner is not Too Smart

Also, the thermostat has yet to figure out our heating and cooling behaviors

My life partner decided to get our modern house a smart thermostat, the two of us have been purchasing new little things to make the house look more modern! In the hallway I sanded all the wood doors and painted them. I got a better bifold on the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C closet to look a little more funky than just the regular old ugly wooden door. I purchased modern switch plates, hallway lights, a cool smoke detector and I even added modern drawer pulls in the kitchen, too. The last touch was the thermostat. I wanted to leave the old beige thermostat. I suppose it didn’t look very pretty with the house decor, however it worked and was easy to operate. I just twisted the plastic toggle anytime I wanted to raise or lower the temperature. I did not have to specify heating or cooling. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C instantaneously started working on when I messed with it too. It looked like an eyesore however got the task done, then my life partner purchased a smart thermostat and installed it himself, then he didn’t buy a thermostat from our local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C shop. Additionally, he didn’t make sure the thermostat was the one that was recommended to go with our HVAC.. Thirdly, he did the upgrade as a DIY. A lot of things are wrong with the thermostat because of those more than two cases. The thermostat works, I suppose, however first, it isn’t actually compatible with our system. There no longer seems to be an emergency heating function in the Winter and that smells. Also, the thermostat has yet to figure out our heating and cooling behaviors. It frequently will just stop heating and let our house get too cold. It actually prefers to tell us to change the air filter even if it is brand new. I suppose my life partner messed up something.


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My daughter went to Mardi Gras and had body art done.

I was really upset when I saw pictures they had taken of their body art

If I had known what my daughter was planning, I never would have let her out of the house that weekend. She and her friend were planning on going away for a weekend. There were six of them, and they were all excited to go away. They said they wanted to go to Mardi Gras. I remembered going to Mardi Gras with my friends when I was eighteen and it was something I would never forget. I thought it was all good fun as long as they stuck together and didn’t go into the alleys. They were continually sending me pictures and it brought back a lot of memories. On the second afternoon, she called me and asked if she had some body art done. To me, body art was tattoos and piercings. I told her that she could not do anything that would mark her body. She explained that all the girls wanted to get painted. I didn’t see much harm in getting painted. I thought this was a harmless bit of body art. Had I thought a bit harder, I would have remembered some of the body art we saw when we were at Mardi Gras. Many girls were getting their t-shirts ‘painted’ on. They were basically naked from the waist up. The paint covered them so well, that they looked like they were wearing skin-tight shirts. I was really upset when I saw pictures they had taken of their body art. What could I say, since I remember being eighteen and having a good body? She said It was all good, clean fun, and I believed her.


The security features were seriously top notch

A little more than two years ago, myself and others had the security method installed in our place.

There was an increase suddenly in overall crime rates in this local section and many break-ins were occurring in the city. Neighbors easily complained about vandalism and many packages were stolen from front steps. I knew the investment of a security system was going to give me a piece of mind. I easily knew the security method would also include some surveillance cameras, sensors for glass breaking, motion activated lights, and also automated door locks. I didn’t easily realize that we would have access to Monitor and also managed the entire apartment from our smartphone. I have access to the complete unit. When I’m at work or even in bed or even away on holiday, I can unquestionably make some adjustments to many of the features that the system allows. We can save lots of cash on our monthly utility bills. It’s great since my neighbor and I have this security system so we no longer have to worry about living in a space that is hot or freezing cold. We can even turn off the lights if we have forgotten. Wireless technology has allowed myself and others to program many of the smart features in our home and the security method is often overlooked even though we are thankful. The security method has unquestionably been a very worthwhile upgrade to our home and our safety. It pays to have your family protected from the things that scare us most.

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