I could never live in the southern part of the country without air conditioning

Without central air conditioning, there is absolutely no way that I could ever live down here in the south.

Unless you live down here, you would probably never believe how hot it feels down here in the summertime.

I remember last summer we had a record breaking heat wave and the temperatures were in the triple digits for over a week at a time! During that whole month, if you didn’t have central air conditioning in your house, then you really wished that you did. I remember hearing that all of the HVAC companies in town were completely booked up with appointments for air conditioning maintenance, repair, and installation jobs during those weeks. I guess the HVAC companies were making a lot of money at that point, but I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to be a heating and cooling technician during that time period. You know those poor guys were having to go out in that heat every day to work outdoors in the high temperatures in order to fix the A/C systems of other people. I mean, I guess if they were really dedicated to their jobs, it probably didn’t bother them that much. I probably wouldn’t mind working as an HVAC technician if it were in a different climate, but there’s no way that I would ever be able to work in the outdoors around here in the south without having central air conditioning. I couldn’t even live here, much less work here in the heat. Honestly, I don’t know how anyone lives down here without having A/C.



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I called the HVAC company and they tried to upsell me

I called up the HVAC company the other day to make an appointment for an air conditioning tune up appointment and they ended up upselling me to sign up for a heating and cooling maintenance plan.

I wasn’t planning on signing up for a heating and cooling maintenance plan.

I’ve never really thought that they were the best idea. I always felt like I would get out cheaper with paying for heating and cooling repair and maintenance work when trouble actually arose than paying for it as something merely preventative. I guess it’s kind of a gamble, when you think about it. You’re just betting on whether or not you’re going to have to pay more for heating and cooling repairs if something goes wrong or if you might be able to get by without having to have any repairs done throughout the year. I don’t know. I guess I just never thought that it would be worth the extra money to sign up for a service that I may not ever even have to use. However, the other day when I decided that I needed to make an appointment for an air conditioning tune up with my local HVAC dealer, they ended up talking me into the heating and cooling preventative maintenance program that I never thought I would sign up for. The HVAC technician that I talked to really seemed to know what he was talking about and the way he made it sound, I would be an idiot not to sign up for it, so I did.


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We want to save money but it’s not worth it to lose the A/C

We really want to try and save some money this year, but it’s just not worth it to lose our central air conditioning.

I was talking about it with my husband the other day and we were going over all of our bills.

We have a big spreadsheet that has all of our expenses recorded for the past couple of years. We found out that one of the biggest expenses that we have is for cooling our home during the summer. We have a really big house and we don’t really have the greatest insulation. There are a lot of cracks in our windows and doors and I’m guessing that we also need to have some ductwork sealing done, too. Anyway, when we were talking about what we could do to save money in the upcoming year, we thought that it would be good if we could cut down the costs of our air conditioning system in the summer. It definitely sounded good on paper, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew for sure that it wouldn’t be worth it to lose our high efficiency air conditioning system in the summer. I know that it would be a long, miserable summer if we didn’t have air conditioning. I don’t think it would be worth it to suffer through the summer without A/C no matter how much money we would be able to save. I know that even though central air conditioning is our major expense, we are going to have to figure out how to save money elsewhere.


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Working at home now is difficult because of the A/C

Working at home is getting more and more difficult for me since I’m so easily distracted.

I’ve never been a person with the best attention span, but honestly, I feel like it’s getting worse as I get older instead of better.

I always assumed that I would just grow out of it but now I think I’m always going to be someone whose mind wanders all the time. Anyway, I’m getting off track again, as usual. I have been working at home for almost a year now and it’s been pretty difficult for me to be honest with you. I always find something else that needs to be done besides the work that I’m supposed to actually be doing. Now, I’ve started having some trouble with my furnace system and that’s making things even worse for me. Every time the heating system kicks on over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a really weird clicking sound that comes from the heating vents. I haven’t been able to figure out what the clicking sound is, but it sure is distracting to me. I start tapping along with it or even singing a song along to the beat. It’s driving me crazy! I know that I need to probably go ahead and call my local HVAC company to make an appointment for a furnace repair, but I keep on getting sidetracked and forgetting to call. Such is life with me! Hopefully the weather starts heating up outside really soon and I can just forget all about the problem with the furnace because I won’t have to use it anymore this year!


Benefits of a ductless system

A ductless mini-split is one of the most compact and versatile types of heating and cooling options on the market.

The typically ductless system consists of an outdoor compressor and one or multiple indoor air handlers.

The outdoor and indoor components are linked by way of a conduit that houses the refrigerant and drainage lines. The installation of the system requires little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall, access to electricity and mounting capabilities. The whole process can usually be completed within a few hours without causing a mess or requiring any major renovation. Ductless heat pumps and air conditioners provide a cost-effective solution to a wide variety of temperature control challenges. They are ideal to target heating/cooling to spaces that tend to feel chilly or overheated. They are perfect for additions, remodeling projects, small spaces, homes and commercial facilities. Modern ductless systems feature something called inverter technology for increased energy efficiency. This advanced engineering allows the equipment to automatically adjust speed to meet changing indoor demand. The system is able to run the majority of time at lower speeds, using less energy and minimizing utility bills. Today’s ductless systems are also wonderfully quiet, provide effective dehumidification and include multi-stage filtration. The higher quality models allow for adjustment of temperature, fan speed and programming through an app on a smartphone. Because each indoor air handler is equipped with a thermostat, it provides the benefits of zone control. When considering the installation of a ductless system, it’s a good idea to research HVAC contractors and make sure they are knowledgeable and qualified to work with this specialized type of system.


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Choosing a geothermal heat pump for new house

Despite the much higher upfront cost, my husband and I decided to install a geothermal heat pump into our newly constructed home.

We knew the investment would pay off in the long run. We had weighed the pros and cons of the various types of heating and cooling systems and ultimately chose the most energy efficient and environmentally responsible option. Geothermal systems avoid the combustion process and don’t produce any carbon monoxide or greenhouse gasses. They don’t negatively impact air pollution or our carbon footprint. This type of heat pump achieves an efficiency rating above 400%, providing four units of energy for every unit of electricity it requires to operate. Geothermal models work by transferring heat from one location to another. It draws from the renewable energy source found underground and can save up to 70% on utility bills. Our investment into geothermal heating and cooling paid for itself in under five years. We also took advantage of government tax credits to help recover the cost. Another benefit is the longer service life. Conventional HVAC equipment typically lasts anywhere from ten to fifteen years with diligent maintenance. Because the geothermal heat pump is installed outside, it avoids weather-related wear and tear. The indoor unit uses a fan, compressor and pump which minimizes the amount of moving parts and can last for several decades. The loop system is buried underground and protected by a 50year warranty. Other than annual inspection and periodic filter changes, the equipment requires no maintenance. I like that geothermal systems are especially quiet, clean and safe. It provides exceptional comfort, dehumidification and air filtration. Plus, it produces more than enough hot water for our needs.


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My grandpa’s HVAc company

Grandpa Ted isn’t my real grandfather, genetically speaking. We are not blood related, he was just a very close friend of my grandfather, and was always a part of my life. Ted and my grandpa had served overseas together in the war, and had started their business together afterward. My grandpa died some years ago, sadly, but Ted never faded away, he remained a part of our family, and does to this day. When he asked me to step into the family business and learn it from the ground up, I was hesitant. Our family had always made a good living with their HVAC company, but it didn’t feel like what I wanted to do with my life. Ted confided in me that he had never really been interested in HVAC work either, but it was more than that. It turns out he and my grandpa had been secret lovers since the war, and had started the HVAC company together as a way to spend a lot of time together and not raise eyebrows. It was a different time back then, and being “out” was not accepted, so they started the HVAC company as a disguise, and it ended up growing into a big success. To Ted, the HVAC company wasn’t just a heating and cooling repair business, it was a monument to what he and my grandfather had built together. When he explained it like that, I took a new perspective, and looked at the HVAC company as a piece of my family history ,one that I could not ignore.
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Accused of something at work

When I was in high school my best friend got busted for shoplifting.

I remember how after that I got a series of lectures from various people about my culpability in it.

I knew he had been stealing, I just didn’t tell anyone. I may not be a snitch, but I’m not a thief either, and yet due to guilt by association everyone just assumed I was shoplifting, too. That was a long time ago, but it has happened again. My work partner at the HVAC company has been stealing from people’s houses during our inspections, and everyone is blaming me for it. First of all, HVAC work pays really well, so I’m not stupid enough to steal some trinkets for a few extra bucks and jeopardize my paycheck. My partner was fired, of course, but then I was strongly questioned about if I had anything to do with it, despite having a sterling record with this HVAC company. I decided that I had my dignity, and I had my HVAC skills that would transfer with me wherever I decided to go, and I quit on the spot. I am no thief, and the mere insinuation of that made me angry. Also, I know that there are a half dozen other HVAC contractors out there that need an experienced tech supervisor. I don’t get to be my own boss, but because HVAC work is so specialized, I do have a lot more authority over my career. If the next HVAC contractor doesn’t treat me right, you best believe I will start looking for another new job.
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Camping would have been more fun without the rain

When my wife and I were young and first married, we didn’t have a lot of money. Both of us were working, but neither one of us had a college degree. We did our best to support our family and take care of ourselves. When we had spare time, we took the kids on adventures that did not require a lot of money. Our family loved to go camping. I remember one of the first times that my wife and I took our kids camping. The kids were very young. The oldest was in elementary school, but the other two were still in preschool. My wife and I decided to pick up our sun in the middle of the day and we went to the state park to spend the weekend at the campground. We were all having a lot of fun until the sky became dark and cloudy and the rain began to fall. All of the sudden, the outdoor temperatures drop by 20 degrees. We didn’t pack any cold weather clothing or extra blankets. Everyone was cold and miserable. My wife had to drive to the closest town for supplies, which was 15 minutes away. She bought a couple of blankets and a small space heater. It rained and rained all night long and the thunder and lightning were tremendous. At least we were warm and cozy inside the tent. The space heater worked very well and we were all comfortable and cozy. We used that small heating machine for 10 years before we had to buy a new one.

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The symphony orchestra tickets were too expensive to give up

My wife and I bought tickets to the symphony orchestra many months before the coronavirus affected our lives.

We want you to see the symphony orchestra and the venue had a sale on all of the best tickets.

My wife and I got tickets to the balcony for a reasonable fee. The two of us were very excited to go to the orchestra. We looked forward to it for months. Then we found out about the coronavirus. At first we did not believe it would affect our neighborhood. After two months, it was clear that everyone around the world was going to be affected by the coronavirus in some way. Our community went on lockdown and quarantined 2 months before the symphony orchestra date. My wife and I did not think they would hold the concert, but they were business as usual. We didn’t want to waste the tickets, so we decided to attend the event. When we walked into the venue, the two of us were happily surprised to see several air purifiers in the lobby. There was another air purifier by the ticket booth and additional air purifiers inside of the building. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the room were not wearing masks or face coverings. In fact, 80% of the people inside of the venue were acting like it was business as usual. My wife and I wanted to stay for the show, but we knew it wasn’t the safest place to spend the evening. The $640 we spent on the symphony tickets was a heartbreaking loss.


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