From cooling to heating with just a flip of a switch

This time of year is the time that most of us around here take a big sigh of relief.

Winter in this part of the country is a welcome sight.

That is not the case in much of the rest of the country. Those folks are battling the cold and cranking up the HVAC heating method in an effort to stay warm. That is something I certainly don’t envy them. I don’t think I could make it in a winter landscape like that. Thankfully, I’ll never have to find out. I love the winter where I live. Winter means the absence of heat and in this region that is a very big deal. Most of the year the HVAC heat pump is cooling our house. That means it comes on pretty regularly about March and doesn’t really let up until November or so. But during the summer stretch, those four months can feel like an eternity. Yet, the HVAC heat pump does a fantastic job of helping us manage the high heat and humidity. While it is cooling, it is also balancing the humidity levels inside the house. Without that wonderful process, all of us would be dealing with a whole lot more mold & mildew. However, while I love the winter, it’s still not as though there aren’t time we need a bit of heat. We get cold snaps here and there. But all we really have to do is flip the HVAC from cooling to heating and it takes care of the rest. It’s a remarkable machine and it makes life in this region so much sweeter.


Don’t under value HVAC maintenance

Living in this region really requires some serious, efficient and reliable HVAC. This is due to the fact that we get the worst of winter and summer. Our winter is full of snow and ice. It starts early and runs all the way through March and even sometimes into April. Then it’s like a week of spring before the heat and humidity hit us. The summer around here is no joke. You’d think after having to endure the sort of winter that we do, the summer would be nothing but pleasant. That just isn’t the case at all. The heat really sets in around late may and goes through til September at least. And again, there is the briefest of fall weather before winter is on top of us again. So those brief respites from the extremes of our climate make for a great time to get the HVAC inspected and serviced. We always get HVAC maintenance done in the spring and again in the fall. This way we know that the HVAC will be getting it done through the tough seasons. Additionally, getting the HVAC maintenance done allows the heating & cooling systems to work at their most efficient. That is a very big deal. Our heating & cooling costs are a fairly substantial part of our household budget. We do everything that we can do to lessen the load on the HVAC during the worst of the winter and summer. That helps to reign in the utility costs. However, a tuned up furnace and cooling unit will go a long way toward making sure the HVAC is working at its most efficient.

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Saying so long to original HVAC

We have been fortunate enough to have had the same HVAC unit that we bought when we built our home.

That has been over two decades ago and a family raised.

It’s hard to believe that thing saw all that history we made in this house. I can remember meeting with the HVAC contractor when we were building the house. My wish was to have the best, most efficient HVAC unit that was available. The HVAC contractor came through on those needs for sure. He and I went over several different HVAC methods, styles and models. The one I settled on is still getting it done today although just barely. However, all of the years of consistent HVAC maintenance really paid off for us. I was determined to take care of my HVAC investment and man did it ever pay off. Now, I am having to say goodbye to that HVAC as part of several renovations we are making. We are making those renovations because we are selling this house. I sort of hate to sell it as it was and is our home place. But facts are facts. Without a houseful of kids, there is just no reason to have a place this large. And as we get older, it’s going to be a real chore to simply keep the place in good shape. So I am once again meeting with an HVAC contractor. This time, I want to be sure the house has a good HVAC that will be a selling point. At the same time, I’m not as concerned with having the best available since I won’t be here to look after that HVAC investment.

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Good HVAC setting strategy is the path to HVAC utility cost savings

It’s certainly not enjoyable for me to be the bad guy in any way.

I don’t ever like making people feel bad or hurt feelings.

However, there are times in life and business where you have to hold individuals accountable for their actions. And this is just part of life. I know there are times where my feelings get hurt because I’m checked by others. It is what it is. However this past summer, I really ruffled some feathers in my house with the HVAC. I told everyone in the spring that I was going to take a hard line on the HVAC costs this year. Maybe they didn’t think I was serious or Dad was just bluffing. But they soon realized that I was very serious. This was because we have spent way too much money over cooling our house during the summer. We live in a region where the heat is the big weather concern. The HVAC cooling is on nearly 8 months of the year at least. But it’s the four months during the peak of heat season that can wreck a budget. Well, that just wasn’t going to happen last summer. And I did it by making sure we stuck to the HVAC setting strategy of keeping the house no more than 15 degrees cooler than outside. I even went to the lengths of programming the thermostat and locking out any manual changes. There were some hurt feelings and some whining. But I saved so much money that I was able to add some special bonuses to the family vacation this year.


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My new home office has even better HVAC

It was a big deal to leave my career. This was not something that I approached lightly or cavalierly. However, being on my own as a consultant was something that I had wanted to do for a very long time. Over my career with the same company, I noticed that those entering or in their mid fifties were, by and large, filtered out of the company. This was not a situation that I was going to be a willing party to. I wanted to end my career with the company on my terms. It was important to me to be able to pack up that perfectly HVAC controlled corner office I had worked so hard to get. I definitely wasn’t looking forward to that meeting where they give you the axe and then someone else packs up your office. So, I started working toward consolidating a base of clients that I could reach out to for consulting. Once I made the break, I chose to work from home to save on initial costs. That meant turning my once small study into a real live, working office. I started by knocking down the wall connecting to my son’s old room. This made for a good size area where I could have a professional office. However, I also wanted great HVAC comfort. And I found that as well. Instead of forcing the rest of the house to be at the HVAC setting that I found most productive for me, I went another way. I called the HVAC people and had them come out to install a ductless HVAC unit in my new office.
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Adjusting to the HVAC in the doctor’s office

It was a mystery to me for such a long time.

But I am the sort that is very sensitive to HVAC settings and indoor temperatures in general.

I tend to be the one that is freezing when my husband feels perfectly comfortable. And that seems to be the case more often than not. I find myself really being cold indoors a lot of the time. Even in the summer, the HVAC cooling can be just too much for me. The winter is my toughest time and I tend to want more from the HVAC heating than is good for our budget. My husband is a dear man and puts up with all of this HVAC setting micromanagement. His only thing is that he wants to be comfortable when he’s sleeping. That comfort tends to be more on the cool side. But we manage and our house is relatively comfortable. That’s why it has always puzzled me that the doctor’s office is so incredibly cold. It’s always freezing in there whether the season is winter or summer. I don’t like going to the doctor anyway and the fact that it’s so cold in there is just one less motivating factor for me. Finally, I asked about it. And I was sort of stunned by the answer. The nurse told me that the cold temperatures were by design and not just me. When the air is warmer, the air is more humid. That added humidity is what bacteria and virus need to proliferate. So, it’s actually like they are looking after us with that low HVAC setting.


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Getting the healthiest indoor air with HVAC upgrade

They came out and installed a whole house air purifier inside the HVAC air handler

I tend to be that stereotypical person who really just wants what they want. I’m not wild about hearing why something I want isn’t possible. I am incredibly picky about my likes and dislikes. That’s just the way I am and I have to live with that. I don’t act out or treat people poorly when I don’t get what I want. No, I just get that much more serious about getting it. That has been true with the HVAC in our home as well. It started a few years ago when I would come home from work. All I wanted to do was to walk in, take a deep breath and relax a bit. But I was coming home to a house that when I took a deep breath, it almost made me gag. Our indoor air quality was just the worst. At the time, I didn’t realize the health component of good indoor air quality. I just wanted good smelling air. The more I tried to get the air to smell good, the more it eluded me. Having tried all of the deodorizers out there and nothing worked only steeled my resolve. I went to the HVAC people to see if I could get to the root of the problem. Finally, I got the answer I wanted. And all it took was a bit of an HVAC upgrade. They came out and installed a whole house air purifier inside the HVAC air handler. It didn’t even take 12 hours before the house smelled just the way I wanted it. I now could come home and take that big deep breath and relax.

Hoping to get every last drop out of the old HVAC

I have never really been a big risk taker or gambler.

  • Actually, I don’t really gamble at all.

From time to time I have enjoyed playing cards with my buddies. But it’s never been for any real money. Betting my wife on football games is pretty fun. She is such a homer that she’ll bet on her home town team just about all the time. Other than that, I just don’t gamble. Well, I am now gambling with the HVAC system. Our HVAC tech normally comes out twice a year to inspect and service the HVAC. Last year, he told me that we were in need of an HVAC replacement. He couldn’t say exactly how long the HVAC would last but that we needed to get a plan together. I took him at his word because he is a total pro and we trust our HVAC company implicitly. So we started saving for the new HVAC system. Then, we had the HVAC contractor out to inspect the house and help us decide on a new model. This was a great thing that we decided to do because his help was great and made the situation so much easier to deal with. Once we came to terms on the new HVAC model and price, we were all set. However, I wasn’t ready to junk the old HVAC just yet. Now, I am gambling that it will get us through the rest of this winter. It’s hanging in there so far. I see how it’s running a lot more but I think it will get us to the spring and we can schedule the installation of the new HVAC unit.

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Cheapskate Skates on my Last Nerve

My bestie Steve has a lot of enjoyable qualities, his worst is how stingy he is.

  • The guy won’t spend a dollar even if it is necessary.

I tried pushing early on in the relationship to chop costs and get him to help out financially when necessary. It is such a fight though. Steve also gets sad if he goes outside of his actually miniscule budget that he sets for himself. I mainly buy all the maintenance stuff that is needed in the home. It makes for a happier relationship. I do all the grocery shopping, pay for the modern appliances and technology for the home. I also car repairs and lawn maintenance. Recently our Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan has been making noises like a lovesick moose. I have looked around online for possible updatement options. I actually want to install a ductless Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit and have zone control in the house. I want to have a couple indoor air handlers and smart thermostats. It is said to be less wasteful to get HVAC with zone control. I can have A/C in the kitchen and it won’t affect Steve’s heating in his man cave. I also can adjust to having heavy heat when I sleep at night and he can have AC. It actually would be so much nicer. The price tag is quite hefty on this one. I actually would really benefit from some financial help. I suppose my bestie will go nuts over cutting it in half. He will want to just keep putting band aids on the slowly dying plan or buy a crappy, small Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit rather than a top-notch HVAC with zone control. I might need to foot that substantial bill.

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Should Have Left Instructions for the Smart HVAC

The last thing I wanted to do was possibly turn off security cameras or cause his pool heater to go off

I recently took care of my cousin’s house while he was on vacation, and it was awesome and horrible at the same time. It was awesome because my sibling has a totally sweet house. His house is super huge compared to mine, with a big inground swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and lounge area. My cousin also has a separate workout room with a treadmill, sit down bike, weight bench and yoga mats. The best part of the house is the state of the art kitchen with all modern appliances, granite countertops and a substantial farmhouse sink. The terrible area is that my cousin is a technology guru! Everything he owns is a smart product. He has his indoor and outdoor smart lights. He has his pool furnace and filtration system on a timer as well. Also, controlled from the same smart pad are the doors, windows, and air conditioning and heating. A recent add on was a smart Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system. My cousin now has heating, cooling and air quality adjustments to make through the app on his smart pad. He has a whole weekly program of what Heating, Ventilation plus A/C setting is the best based on who is using what rooms. When I house sat for him, I feel like my cousin wanted myself and others to be comfortable. He increased the cooling function in the whole house. It was chilly and frigid and I didn’t suppose how to adjust it down again. The last thing I wanted to do was possibly turn off security cameras or cause his pool heater to go off. So I just decided to wear a sweater the entire time or hung outside his house. I felt too stupid to operate the smart HVAC.

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