Picking the handy guy was smart

My sister and I started dating our guys around the same time. I know my sister felt really superior to me. Her guy is a personal trainer and he is very attractive. He is built, dresses nice and is very charming. Everyone loves him. My guy is cute, but a little soft around the tummy and only spends around 10 bucks on a haircut. When we were young, my sister in some ways had the better guy. Now as grown women with houses of our own, my guy is so much better. My sister’s husband spends a ton of money and doesn’t make anything. He can’t cook, refuses to clean and is helpless with a toolset. They have to hire out for everything. My guy is a HVAC technician. Anytime I have a heater or AC issue, I just yell honey, and he comes running. He also has done amazing things with electrical and plumbing. Any kitchen or bathroom remodel, he is right there in the project. A HVAC contractor makes really good money too. We can move anywhere and he can get a job since he is NATE certified. He also is really great about helping me cook, running to the store and cleaning when we have company over. My sister complains her husband does nothing around the house. She picked the hot guy, I picked the handy one. I choose a better option for the long run. A HVAC technician is only going to stay useful with time too. Someday I want to have hydronic heating, my husband will be able to install that easily.

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Fixed the rental AC issue

When I moved into my rental home the landlord told me not to call about the air conditioner.

He said it was a brand new system, just serviced and it was my fault if I was hot.

Well after living in the house for a few months, I noticed it was sweltering. I checked on the cooling system and the landlord was right. I saw a brand new sticker on the side of it and the whole inner network was squeaky clean. I didn’t even need to replace the air filter inside and the system wasn’t lacking in coolant. After checking the cooling coil and condensate drain, I had trouble finding the issue. The air coming out of the ductwork was hot though. I needed to buy a box fan in order to sleep at night. I started googling around and tinkering in the AC system. I finally found the problem when I walked outside the house. I noticed the outdoor air compressor was at an angle. It was tipped to one side and I read that all the refrigerant can pool to the side as a result of. So when the air clicked on, no refrigerant was being blown over it. I was just getting the hot outdoor air. All I needed to do was buy a few cement blocks and level the AC device. After that, I was surprised to feel how cold the rental home is. I now have perfectly good air conditioning in my apartment. I am tempted to call the landlord and tell him I fixed the issue.

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The HVAC was old but reliable

When my boyfriend and I got the home inspection back we were pretty upset. The previous homeowners had lied about a lot of things. First, they took the washer and dryer they promised to leave. They left a whole bunch of garbage too. They also said that the living room wood stove was their main source of heating in the winter. The home inspector said it was totally clean and never been used. Last, they informed us that the HVAC was brand new and worked just fine. Well the HVAC system was over 17 years old and not very good at cooling. My boyfriend and I agonized if we still wanted the house after all of these things. We also didn’t want to help out the previous home owners since they were such awful people. In the end we decided that buying a new washer and dryer and HVAC device was worth having the house of our dreams. I ended up buying the best washer and dryer on the market. It has a steam function, allergen setting and can do a full sized comforter. For HVAC, the system still works! We haven’t needed to replace it and have lived in the house almost five years. My boyfriend is not a HVAC technician by any means. He is really handy though and has replaced a few parts in the system. Combine this switch with regular cleaning and air filter changes, the system still is happy to provide heating and cooling. We have the money saved for when the day does come. I am happy I don’t need a new one yet.


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Too hasty on ductwork cleaning

I am constantly doing projects in my house. When my husband and I first bought our house we got everything done in preparation for our arrival. I had the HVAC serviced, the ductwork cleaned, the whole place bug bombed and then cleaned. I felt good about moving during the day. Well I didn’t realize how much dust I was going to kick up. I sanded the wood walls in the living room and then painted them. I scrapped every ceiling in the house since it was a dreaded popcorn ceiling. I also tore down the master bathroom. I removed the cement board, tile floors and sawed wood in half. Needless to say, tons of dust was in my house at one point. I had to clean everything top to bottom to remove the dust. I knew that my air conditioner was pumping the whole time. I know lots of the dust has been sucked up into the air conditioner. I have cleaned the inside of the AC and replaced the air filter. I mucked out the condensate drain and checked on the cooling coil. All is well. I still sneeze and cough every time the AC turns on. My surfaces frequently get a layer of dust on them. My air quality smells a little stuffy. I know the issue is that the dust got into my ductwork. I need to hire ductwork cleaning again to clean it completely. I am concerned I will get it cleaned and then stir up more dust. It then would be just a big waste of money.



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Our treehouse mini-split AC stopped working

Though we hadn’t been blessed with children yet, my husband and I built a treehouse. We had bought a lovely house that had a great tree in the backyard. The project began as a joke, but we soon found ourselves enjoying spending time in it. It was a lovely structure which we completed in spring. By summer, we knew we had to install a ductless HVAC to continue enjoying the experience. It was too hot to even think of stepping outside our home, which had a quality cooling system. My husband began searching online for the best mini-split ACs. We wanted a good brand that would make little to no noise. The right air conditioner had to be easy to install and come with all the installation items. We got one that had excellent reviews and a lasting warranty. In case of anything, we could return it for a full refund of our money. The window AC unit arrived three days later, and we got to work installing it in our treehouse. I was good with tools while my husband read me the instructions. After several trials, we got the mini-split HVAC installation right and turned it on. But, the joy of the cool air only lasted two weeks. One afternoon, I worked on my computer in the treehouse when the window mini-split stopped working. Immediately I called my husband and explained to him the situation. He got in touch with the HVAC supplier, who asked us to send back the faulty AC unit. A few days later, they sent us another one after we declined the refund. This time the mini-split worked as we had hoped and kept us cool in the treehouse all summer. One good thing was the AC vendor kept in touch with us to make sure the unit never stopped working again.

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My parents were happy with the quality HVAC unit

No one had seen the unexpected cost creep up.

But we all had to chip in money to get our parents a new AC unit.

One winter, the HVAC in our parents home stopped working. It was an old air conditioner that my dad had bought 12 years before. When my mom phoned the HVAC company, an AC technician went to the house to investigate the problem. There was little he could do since there were so many worn-out parts to mend. The ageing HVAC unit was dead and gone. We had to think fast and buy our parents a new air conditioning system since it was too cold. At first, I brought them some portable AC units I kept for emergencies. Then, my brothers and I went to the AC business to learn more about AC cost and installation. The HVAC supplier had some excellent energy-efficient aircon, but the price was high. We had to take a little time to get our finances in check and then pay for the heating unit. After making the payment, an AC mechanic went to the house to work on the air ducts. They needed to check for any leaks and clean them out. Only then could they install the central cooling and heating unit. The duct cleaning took some time since the air ducts needed some mending to prevent leaks. Once that was complete, the same HVAC expert went back to the house to set up the quality AC. It was an excellent air ventilation unit that had a smart thermostat. The sleek design went well with the modern features in our parents home. Plus, dad could now use a remote to control the temperature, which made him quite happy. We settled on an affordable AC maintenance plan which would make sure the AC unit lasted for many years to come.

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Hemp extraction labs are opening in several different states after the Farm Bill

Hemp extraction labs are opening up in many different states now that hemp and CBD are federally legal.

For years it was illegal to grow and possess hemp, regardless of its near-nonexistent THC levels. This is a plant that can be used for everything from making lotion to making paper. It seemed like such a waste to keep a product like this illegal to the public, but that’s how it was for decades. The only places where you saw CBD being processed legally was in states that had legal medical cannabis industries. And for a while, it seemed like it was going to stay this way. Everything changed with the 2014 and 2018 Farm bills. The initial one opened up the pathway for the legal growing and processing of industrial hemp while the second one solidified these rules and ended all of the ambiguity in how the laws were expected to be approached from one part of the nation to the next. As long as the cannabis plant has less than 0.3% of THC inside, it is considered hemp and not marijuana. Not only are we seeing a surge in people growing hemp, but we also see a lot of people processing hemp into oils and concentrates. Hemp extraction labs are opening up in many different states now that hemp and CBD are federally legal. Hemp extraction labs use hydrocarbon solvent extractions, CO2 solvent extractions, and heat and pressure based solventless extractions. Even though hydrocarbon extractions are so sophisticated that you don’t ever have to worry about residual solvents if the extraction was done properly, many people prefer solventless extracts these days. It costs more, but hemp rosin made from heat and pressure is starting to become popular among hemp users.

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Window tint because the sunshine is a bit much

You don’t even notice it from the inside or outside colorwise.

My kitchen has never been bright enough. I added tons of recessed lighting but it isn’t the same as getting natural light. I bought white cabinets, countertops and painted the walls white. It was brighter, but not good enough. I then decided to open up the back wall window over the sink and make it extend the whole wall. Now the back wall is just all windows and lower cabinets. It looks super beautiful. The issue is that in the middle of the day, around lunchtime, there is tons of sunlight streaming into the house. It is difficult to make lunch or even sit in the kitchen. My husband desperately wants me to put up shades or curtains to hide us from the sun. After spending that kind of money to get windows, I don’t want to cover them. I am looking online and you can get a variety of window tints. There are sun control window films that protect the occupants, fabrics and energy bills from sunshine. I looked up windows that have the tint and you can’t even tell. They even have a sun control tint that is clear. You don’t even notice it from the inside or outside colorwise. What I am hoping to notice is a difference in brightness and temperature around noon in my house. I want to be able to enjoy my kitchen 24/7. It is worth it to me to spend a little more money on the windows so that I can keep them uncovered. Hopefully a tint works!


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Custom built bathtub

The master bathroom in our home is a huge space that was in desperate need of renovation.

The floor, fixtures, vanity and every aspect was outdated and showing the wear and tear.

My husband and I wanted to open the space up with big windows, take advantage of modern luxuries and create a wow factor. After a lot of research into toilets, faucets, sinks, mirrors and showerheads, I came across custom built bathtubs. My husband and I were really intrigued by the possibilities. We hadn’t realized that bathtubs were available in so many different materials. There are tubs available constructed of wood, concrete, tile and porcelain. We found a custom shop that makes tubs out of copper. The tubs are absolutely gorgeous. Copper is truly timeless, elegant and unique. The shop offers all different shapes and designs, from a more rustic slipper tub to a more modern style that suited our tastes. We were also able to choose a patina finish and include a matching sink. The copper tub is not only unique but well constructed. It includes a double wall that offers the advantage of insulating between the two copper walls. This acts almost like a coffee thermos in that it keeps the water hot for a longer duration, allowing for a very luxurious bath. The custom shop worked with us to tailor the dimensions and shape of the tub to create exactly what we wanted. Their artisans then crafted the tub out of heavy hand-hammered 14-gauge copper. The heavy grade and durability of the tub is built to last a lifetime. I am surprised how simple the custom tub is to clean and maintain. With nothing but soap and water, I keep it looking brand new.

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I just got a brand new digital color label printer for my graphic design business

I knew I wanted to be an artist when I was first doing arts and crafts in kindergarten with other students.

My parents exposed me to some degree before I ever started school, but it was at school where my passion developed.

I immediately asked my parents for a drawing and painting kit for Christmas the following year. As other kids hated being in art classes as we got older, I relished the experience. I was entering art competitions when I was in middle school and came in first place in painting when I reached eighth grade. No one in my family or friend group was surprised when I announced my interest in attending art school when it was time for me to start applying for college as a high school junior. To everyone’s surprise, I not only got into a highly rated art and graphic design school, but I also managed to get scholarships to cover 80% of my expenses for the entire four years. I surprised my loved ones even more by becoming so successful in graphic design that I was able to start my own business by the time I hit 30. Now I’m in the process of buying a brand new digital color label printer for my workshop. Not only do I design logos and branding for local businesses, but I also create banners, labels, and business cards for them. With the new digital color label printer, I’m hoping that I can manage more contracts in my daily graphic design work. If I can secure enough contracts, I can afford to hire an employee to help me with some of this work.

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