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At-home fitness coaching is a booming business right now

When my buddy Mike said that he wanted to be a yoga and fitness coach, I wasn’t sure if he would succeed with the competition in our city. At first he faltered, since he had to finance his certifications and the training in the first place. During this time he worked for restaurants and landscaping […]

My new gym has free fitness coaching for senior citizens and people with disabilities

I moved into a mobile home community after my grandmother willed me her house upon her death. Although the mobile home park used to have a strict age policy of 55 and up, they have since let people as young as 35 move in as long as they had no children. Despite this, roughly 90% […]

Group fitness training classes made me less self-conscious about working out

I accept responsibility for my weight problems, but sometimes it’s difficult to break habits that you’ve had ingrained in you for decades. There was a lot of insecurity and chaos in my childhood and I think it forced me to find a quick coping mechanism to ease my anxiety. As a kid with no access […]

Personal fitness trainers can teach you the skills and workouts to lose weight

If you’re coming off a sedentary lifestyle, they can pivot you in the direction of finally gaining healthy eating and fitness habits I understand what it’s like to struggle with one’s weight. My issues started around the age of nine when I was injured during P.E. class at school while playing a game of soccer. […]

Gym membership fees are lower amid the pandemic to increase customer interest

One of the saddest moments for me during the initial pandemic lockdowns was when I realized that my favorite gym and fitness center could potentially go out of business. Like all gyms, they had to close for several months before restrictions loosened enough in my state where they could slowly resume functioning at some minimal […]

Family owned HVAC company needs to make changes

An upgraded and user-friendly website was the right place to start. I own an HVAC service dealership. We have been a family owned plus operated business for two generations. Although we are a smaller business, we’ve built a very loyal client base. Our customers know that we do good work and provide quality equipment. When […]