Traveling makes working out difficult but not impossible

My job demands a lot of travel. I am steadily on the road. I sleep in hotel beds more than my one at home. I eat at restaurants frequently. I waste a lot of time sitting around at the airport, driving rental cars and participating in conferences. It is not a very healthy lifestyle. It’s sedentary and too easy to put on weight. I’ve learned to be conscientious about what I eat and focused on exercise. When I arrive at my destination, I stop at a grocery store and buy some fresh fruit, yogurt, veggies and pre-made salads. I purchase a case of bottled water. Whenever I have the opportunity, I stay at hotels with an on-site fitness center. These fitness centers normally offer nothing more than a stationary bike and an old treadmill. I’m happy with any means of burning calories and working up a sweat. I just require sufficient space to perform full-body stretches. I’ve learned that being dedicated to my daily stretching routine works to prevent stiff and sore muscles. Cardio workouts elevate my energy levels and productivity and help me to sleep at night. Every once in a while, the hotel includes a state-of-the-art fitness center or even an indoor swimming pool. I am so excited when I can swim for my workout. If there’s no workout area, I can go for a run and take a look at the surrounding area. I always pack resistance bands and a jump rope in my bag. I will find an area where I can manage a decent workout. Because I make my exercise a priority, I’ve been able to do my job without giving up my health.
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