That room Office Was Hotter Than Other Rooms of The House

My lake house seemed to be feeling warmer in one part than the other parts of my house, which was unusual.

  • It was on the ground floor, so I wasn’t 100% sure why the heat was so strong in that particular room.

I tried tinkering around with the temp control settings, however none of the fluctuations I made affected the temp in my home office. I didn’t believe how to repair the issue on my own, so I called an Heating and Air Conditioning contractor to come take a look at things. When I informed them that the office area wasn’t normally warmer than the rest of the house, they agreed that something had to be triggering it, so they began looking at the Heating and Air Conditioning component to find the issue. They searched for 30 minutes before they found what the issue was. Unbeknownst to me, my oldest kid had closed the air vents in his living room, which happened to be next to my home office. The Heating and Air Conditioning professionals began explaining how it was negatively impacting the temperature of my office.The heat our furnace was producing wasn’t able to get into my daughter’s room, so it was pushing itself into mine, which was causing the extra heat. The Heating and Air Conditioning professionals confirmed that my kid had shut the AC vents for an extended stage of time based on how much heat was coming into my office. I need to have a long discussion with my kid when he got lake house from school that afternoon & he wasn’t too glad about it. She wasn’t looking forward to the heat being evenly distributed into his bedroom.

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