Solving the cold mornings with a smart control thermostat

Every day, when my alarm goes off, the air conditioner is running, which makes it hard to get out of bed because it’s cold in my room.

We turn the air conditioner down at night, but I don’t understand why it comes back on when my alarm goes off. That frigid air makes it even harder to get out of bed! I was complaining about this to a friend. She said she has a remote control, so she can turn off the air conditioner just before leaving bed, but my equipment is downstairs. A remote control wouldn’t work, then. However, I started looking into it and came across smart control thermostats. With a smart control unit, I could set the temperature to go up half an hour before my alarm goes off, and I can program it from my phone. If I wake up early, I could turn the temperature up without getting out of bed. Now that I know about this, I want one. I’m going to call up our air conditioner service company, and see about having one installed this weekend. The sooner the better. No more having so much trouble getting out of bed every day!

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