Skipping workout on the weekend is a mistake

After an especially long and tiring work week, I was looking forward to my weekend.

I had big expectations of what I wanted to accomplish around the house.

I also hoped to relax a bit. I planned to mow the lawn, pull weeds and wash windows. I was hoping to have the chance to vacuum, scrub the bathrooms, wash the bed sheets and sweep and mop the kitchen floor. The light fixtures needed cleaning and grocery shopping was a priority. During the work week, I begin my morning with a five o’clock alarm and a 60 minute workout program. For the sake of the weekend, I decided to sleep until eight o’clock. I ended up over-sleeping and didn’t crawl out of bed until nearly ten o’clock. I was already far behind on my schedule before I started, so I eliminated my workout. That was a mistake. I felt lazy and tired all morning. I could not get energized and everything went wrong. The lawn mower quit because of no gas. While I was pulling weeds in the garden, I got stung by a wasp. I had just started window washing when it started to rain. Although I washed the bed sheets, I forgot to load them into the dryer and had no clean sheets to sleep on. With everything going badly, I finally gave up on my plans and devoted an hour to exercise. Working out later in the day was tough. I struggled to warm up and had difficulty pushing myself. It wasn’t a great workout but I still felt much better afterward. I gained a burst of energy and was able to accomplish some of my goals for the weekend.

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