My family makes fitness a priority

My mother is 80 years old.

She still keeps an active lifestyle.

Over the years of her life, she has always focused on her physical fitness. Every morning, she goes through a series of abdominal crunches, push-ups, lunges and stretches. She gets on her stairmaster for twenty to thirty minutes. She achieved her black belt in karate when she was in her sixties. My mom still takes a lesson every week and teaches children’s karate classes. While my mother has slowed down a bit in the last few years, she remains mentally sharp, independent and physically capable. She has no problem driving her car, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden or having fun with her great-grandchildren. My mother showed me how to take care of myself. When I was growing up, my family never ate fast food, drank coffee or smoked. I am 55 years old, and I exerce for at least an hour every day. I switch between running, booking, swimming, kayaking and jumping rope. I have seen my peers suffer through injuries, rely on medications and gain weight. I have none of those issues. I enjoy an active and happy life. My kids also focus on daily physical fitness and healthy eating habits. They all played different types of sports as they grew up. My family often competes with each other, setting new fitness goals and sharing our workout progress. We motivate each other to work harder. We often workout together. Whenever we go on a family vacation, we include physical excursions such as renting bikes, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and zip lining. We always choose accommodations that include an extensive fitness center and meet there every morning. I know my kids will continue this commitment to physical health and pass the same lessons onto their children.



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