Moving means giving up my gym membership

My apartment in the city was small and outdated.

My refrigerator wouldn’t stay cold enough to prevent milk from spoiling.

The oven filled the apartment with smoke, and the dishwasher leaked. The property owner refused to fix anything. There was never a spot to park and the traffic noise often kept me awake all night long. I didn’t feel good about the security of the lock on my front door and stressed over the elevating local crime rate. One of the only advantages of living there was the close proximity to the gym. I could easily walk to the gym. I really enjoyed having a membership. It offered quick and easy access to state-of-the-art fitness machines. Open 24/7, the gym provided a wide selection of treadmills and stationary bikes. There were plenty of ellipticals and rowing machines too. I had my pick of strength training machines to concentrate on every muscle group. I liked to sign up for group classes. I really got a lot out of trying different styles of workouts, learning new ways of exercising and pushing myself to new levels. I’ve participated in yoga, spin, pilates, circuit training and more. When I finally could afford my own home, I moved into the suburbs. I am thrilled to have more property and privacy. I am happy to have a garage where I can park my car. I just love the closet space, bigger kitchen and the quiet at night. However, the closest gym is a forty minute drive. I can’t commit to such a long commute. I’ve had to set up a home gym. Having fitness equipment on hand is convenient, but I miss the variety I was accustomed to. Fitness equipment is super costly. I am slowly adding to my inventory. So far, I’ve invested into a yoga mat, weight bench, free weights and a jump rope. I am currently saving up for a treadmill.

Cross fit

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