Getting out of bed will be easier with a smart thermostat

Every afternoon, when my alarm goes off, the air conditioner is blasting.

This makes it tough to get out of bed, because it’s cold in the bedroom.

We turn down the air at night so we can sleep, but I don’t understand why it comes on when my alarm goes off. I complained about this to a neighbor of mine. She said she has a remote control for her unit, so she can turn off the air conditioner just before leaving bed. My thermostat is downstairs, so a remote wouldn’t solve this. However, I started looking into this anyway. That’s when I came across smart control thermostats. With a smart thermostat, I could raise the temperature half an hour before my alarm sounds. I could also control the unit from my phone, so if I woke up early, I could turn the conditioner up to a warmer temperature before getting out of bed. Now that I know about this, I want one. I am going to call our air conditioner supplier and have one installed this weekend; the sooner, the better. Then I would not have so much trouble getting out of bed!

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