Window tint because the sunshine is a bit much

You don’t even notice it from the inside or outside colorwise.

My kitchen has never been bright enough. I added tons of recessed lighting but it isn’t the same as getting natural light. I bought white cabinets, countertops and painted the walls white. It was brighter, but not good enough. I then decided to open up the back wall window over the sink and make it extend the whole wall. Now the back wall is just all windows and lower cabinets. It looks super beautiful. The issue is that in the middle of the day, around lunchtime, there is tons of sunlight streaming into the house. It is difficult to make lunch or even sit in the kitchen. My husband desperately wants me to put up shades or curtains to hide us from the sun. After spending that kind of money to get windows, I don’t want to cover them. I am looking online and you can get a variety of window tints. There are sun control window films that protect the occupants, fabrics and energy bills from sunshine. I looked up windows that have the tint and you can’t even tell. They even have a sun control tint that is clear. You don’t even notice it from the inside or outside colorwise. What I am hoping to notice is a difference in brightness and temperature around noon in my house. I want to be able to enjoy my kitchen 24/7. It is worth it to me to spend a little more money on the windows so that I can keep them uncovered. Hopefully a tint works!


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