Too hasty on ductwork cleaning

I am constantly doing projects in my house. When my husband and I first bought our house we got everything done in preparation for our arrival. I had the HVAC serviced, the ductwork cleaned, the whole place bug bombed and then cleaned. I felt good about moving during the day. Well I didn’t realize how much dust I was going to kick up. I sanded the wood walls in the living room and then painted them. I scrapped every ceiling in the house since it was a dreaded popcorn ceiling. I also tore down the master bathroom. I removed the cement board, tile floors and sawed wood in half. Needless to say, tons of dust was in my house at one point. I had to clean everything top to bottom to remove the dust. I knew that my air conditioner was pumping the whole time. I know lots of the dust has been sucked up into the air conditioner. I have cleaned the inside of the AC and replaced the air filter. I mucked out the condensate drain and checked on the cooling coil. All is well. I still sneeze and cough every time the AC turns on. My surfaces frequently get a layer of dust on them. My air quality smells a little stuffy. I know the issue is that the dust got into my ductwork. I need to hire ductwork cleaning again to clean it completely. I am concerned I will get it cleaned and then stir up more dust. It then would be just a big waste of money.



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