The HVAC was old but reliable

When my boyfriend and I got the home inspection back we were pretty upset. The previous homeowners had lied about a lot of things. First, they took the washer and dryer they promised to leave. They left a whole bunch of garbage too. They also said that the living room wood stove was their main source of heating in the winter. The home inspector said it was totally clean and never been used. Last, they informed us that the HVAC was brand new and worked just fine. Well the HVAC system was over 17 years old and not very good at cooling. My boyfriend and I agonized if we still wanted the house after all of these things. We also didn’t want to help out the previous home owners since they were such awful people. In the end we decided that buying a new washer and dryer and HVAC device was worth having the house of our dreams. I ended up buying the best washer and dryer on the market. It has a steam function, allergen setting and can do a full sized comforter. For HVAC, the system still works! We haven’t needed to replace it and have lived in the house almost five years. My boyfriend is not a HVAC technician by any means. He is really handy though and has replaced a few parts in the system. Combine this switch with regular cleaning and air filter changes, the system still is happy to provide heating and cooling. We have the money saved for when the day does come. I am happy I don’t need a new one yet.


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