Picking the handy guy was smart

My sister and I started dating our guys around the same time. I know my sister felt really superior to me. Her guy is a personal trainer and he is very attractive. He is built, dresses nice and is very charming. Everyone loves him. My guy is cute, but a little soft around the tummy and only spends around 10 bucks on a haircut. When we were young, my sister in some ways had the better guy. Now as grown women with houses of our own, my guy is so much better. My sister’s husband spends a ton of money and doesn’t make anything. He can’t cook, refuses to clean and is helpless with a toolset. They have to hire out for everything. My guy is a HVAC technician. Anytime I have a heater or AC issue, I just yell honey, and he comes running. He also has done amazing things with electrical and plumbing. Any kitchen or bathroom remodel, he is right there in the project. A HVAC contractor makes really good money too. We can move anywhere and he can get a job since he is NATE certified. He also is really great about helping me cook, running to the store and cleaning when we have company over. My sister complains her husband does nothing around the house. She picked the hot guy, I picked the handy one. I choose a better option for the long run. A HVAC technician is only going to stay useful with time too. Someday I want to have hydronic heating, my husband will be able to install that easily.

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