Our treehouse mini-split AC stopped working

Though we hadn’t been blessed with children yet, my husband and I built a treehouse. We had bought a lovely house that had a great tree in the backyard. The project began as a joke, but we soon found ourselves enjoying spending time in it. It was a lovely structure which we completed in spring. By summer, we knew we had to install a ductless HVAC to continue enjoying the experience. It was too hot to even think of stepping outside our home, which had a quality cooling system. My husband began searching online for the best mini-split ACs. We wanted a good brand that would make little to no noise. The right air conditioner had to be easy to install and come with all the installation items. We got one that had excellent reviews and a lasting warranty. In case of anything, we could return it for a full refund of our money. The window AC unit arrived three days later, and we got to work installing it in our treehouse. I was good with tools while my husband read me the instructions. After several trials, we got the mini-split HVAC installation right and turned it on. But, the joy of the cool air only lasted two weeks. One afternoon, I worked on my computer in the treehouse when the window mini-split stopped working. Immediately I called my husband and explained to him the situation. He got in touch with the HVAC supplier, who asked us to send back the faulty AC unit. A few days later, they sent us another one after we declined the refund. This time the mini-split worked as we had hoped and kept us cool in the treehouse all summer. One good thing was the AC vendor kept in touch with us to make sure the unit never stopped working again.

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