I just got a brand new digital color label printer for my graphic design business

I knew I wanted to be an artist when I was first doing arts and crafts in kindergarten with other students.

My parents exposed me to some degree before I ever started school, but it was at school where my passion developed.

I immediately asked my parents for a drawing and painting kit for Christmas the following year. As other kids hated being in art classes as we got older, I relished the experience. I was entering art competitions when I was in middle school and came in first place in painting when I reached eighth grade. No one in my family or friend group was surprised when I announced my interest in attending art school when it was time for me to start applying for college as a high school junior. To everyone’s surprise, I not only got into a highly rated art and graphic design school, but I also managed to get scholarships to cover 80% of my expenses for the entire four years. I surprised my loved ones even more by becoming so successful in graphic design that I was able to start my own business by the time I hit 30. Now I’m in the process of buying a brand new digital color label printer for my workshop. Not only do I design logos and branding for local businesses, but I also create banners, labels, and business cards for them. With the new digital color label printer, I’m hoping that I can manage more contracts in my daily graphic design work. If I can secure enough contracts, I can afford to hire an employee to help me with some of this work.

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