Fixed the rental AC issue

When I moved into my rental home the landlord told me not to call about the air conditioner.

He said it was a brand new system, just serviced and it was my fault if I was hot.

Well after living in the house for a few months, I noticed it was sweltering. I checked on the cooling system and the landlord was right. I saw a brand new sticker on the side of it and the whole inner network was squeaky clean. I didn’t even need to replace the air filter inside and the system wasn’t lacking in coolant. After checking the cooling coil and condensate drain, I had trouble finding the issue. The air coming out of the ductwork was hot though. I needed to buy a box fan in order to sleep at night. I started googling around and tinkering in the AC system. I finally found the problem when I walked outside the house. I noticed the outdoor air compressor was at an angle. It was tipped to one side and I read that all the refrigerant can pool to the side as a result of. So when the air clicked on, no refrigerant was being blown over it. I was just getting the hot outdoor air. All I needed to do was buy a few cement blocks and level the AC device. After that, I was surprised to feel how cold the rental home is. I now have perfectly good air conditioning in my apartment. I am tempted to call the landlord and tell him I fixed the issue.

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