Custom built bathtub

The master bathroom in our home is a huge space that was in desperate need of renovation.

The floor, fixtures, vanity and every aspect was outdated and showing the wear and tear.

My husband and I wanted to open the space up with big windows, take advantage of modern luxuries and create a wow factor. After a lot of research into toilets, faucets, sinks, mirrors and showerheads, I came across custom built bathtubs. My husband and I were really intrigued by the possibilities. We hadn’t realized that bathtubs were available in so many different materials. There are tubs available constructed of wood, concrete, tile and porcelain. We found a custom shop that makes tubs out of copper. The tubs are absolutely gorgeous. Copper is truly timeless, elegant and unique. The shop offers all different shapes and designs, from a more rustic slipper tub to a more modern style that suited our tastes. We were also able to choose a patina finish and include a matching sink. The copper tub is not only unique but well constructed. It includes a double wall that offers the advantage of insulating between the two copper walls. This acts almost like a coffee thermos in that it keeps the water hot for a longer duration, allowing for a very luxurious bath. The custom shop worked with us to tailor the dimensions and shape of the tub to create exactly what we wanted. Their artisans then crafted the tub out of heavy hand-hammered 14-gauge copper. The heavy grade and durability of the tub is built to last a lifetime. I am surprised how simple the custom tub is to clean and maintain. With nothing but soap and water, I keep it looking brand new.

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