I was stunned that the air purifier was unplugged

My supplier actually rents and sells air purification machines and air filtration equipment.

Ever since the start of the coronavirus, every one of us have been busier than ever… Business is honestly doing great thanks to the benefits that our air purification machines offer.

We have many rented industrial air cleaners around town and they are diagnosed every week. One of the guys on my team is responsible for servicing and checking all of the rental machines that we have… He was out of town not so long ago for his anniversary, so I decided to run the route instead of assigning someone else to handle the work. I was on the second task for the day when I noticed one of the air cleaners was shut off! The HVAC machine was totally unplugged at the wall, which is an extreme violation right now. Every local supplier must have a working air purifier in order to remain open during the pandemic. As soon as I saw the machine that was unplugged, I instantly alerted the shop owner. The health department would have shut him down in a jiffy and given the guy a fine. The owner and employer was just as stunned as I was until the morning shift clerk said that she turned off the machine! She said it was beeping noisily and she could not watch tv in the actual break room because the noise was bothersome. She ended up unplugging the air purifier so she could watch the news. I politely reminded the shop owner and the employee that the air purification machine has to be running to kill the virus. The shop owner threatened to take action against the employee if it happens ever again.

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