The winter party had to be canceled

For the past 10 or 15 years, my mom and dad have had a winter holiday party.

They always have the holiday party on the same weekend during December. The party has become a highlight of the season and Everyone likes to visit on that day. My mom and dad always have a house full of people and that includes friends and family. Last year, everyone was disappointed when the winter party had to be canceled. My mom and dad were planning on hosting 20 or 30 people, but 12 in of snow and 3 inch of ice changed all of the plants. My mom and dad were terribly disappointed that the party was canceled. On the morning of the day when the party should have occurred, my mom and dad had a major issue with the furnace. My dad worked on the furnace half of the day and then he had to break down and call a professional heating company. A fun winter party turned into a cold holiday nightmare. If my mom and dad would have scheduled the party, then they would have been dealing with the party and the furnace issues at the same time. When the furnace broke down, I know my mom and dad were relieved that it was the only issue happening at the time. My mom and dad had to replace their old furnace on that cold winter day. They had to spend all night without heat that evening because the new equipment didn’t come in until the next morning. Thankfully, they have plenty of space heaters in the house.



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