The new boss is changing a lot of things

I have been in charge of things at work since 2010. I worked for this particular HVAC repair business for twenty years and then the boss decided to retire. At that time, he turned over the day to day operations to me. I was ready for the responsibility and the pay raise. For the past ten years, I have been in charge and things have been very successful. Sadly, the boss died three months ago and his son took over the family business. The first item on the agenda was telling me that he will be running things from now on. He told me that things were going to change and he didn’t really care if I was happy with the changes or not. I didn’t want to quit my job after twenty years, so I decided to give it a try with the new boss. The guy is a total jerk and I absolutely detest the way he treats customers and the employees. It won’t be long before the HVAC business is closed for good, because customers aren’t very happy with a lot of the changes. I’ve spent most of my life working for this company, but now I’m thinking about starting my own heating and cooling repair business. I have plenty of customers that would use my services. I have a very good name in the community and people trust and love me. I don’t want to compete for business, but I might not be able to continue working here for much longer. Something seriously is going to need to change.


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