The cheap hotel didn't have any ice or water glasses

Sometimes you get stuck in a situation where you have to settle for accommodations that are less than ideal. I absolutely hate getting stuck in these awful situations, but sometimes it is unavoidable. My wife and I were on our way home from a party one weekend and we got stuck on the side of the road. The car started sputtering and smoking and we had to call a pickup truck to haul our car to a dealership. Both of us were thankful to find a hotel close to the dealership. Unfortunately, the place was really cheap and terribly run down. My wife and I did not want to take a taxi to a different hotel, especially since we were very close to our vehicle. Both of us felt safer knowing where our car would be parked overnight. My wife and I checked into the hotel room. The guest service manager gave us a room on the second floor with a view of the green pool. The cheap hotel didn’t have any ice or water glasses, but the HVAC unit looked brand new. The HVAC unit was nicer than the entire hotel room. The shower faucet sprayed water everywhere when we tried to take shower, and the carpet looked like it needed to be cleaned badly. The whole room smelled like cigarettes, but the HVAC unit looked like it just rolled off the assembly line. My wife and I spent one night in that hotel room and the next day we were happy to leave and never look back. Thankfully, the mechanic at the dealership fixed the car that morning in a few hours.

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