My beach condo

Being at my beach condo this past year, for the most part, has been really unusual for me.

It’s not that I don’t like and prefer being in our house.

It’s a great area plus I love the HVAC. The study room is newly updated plus we even have a pool in the backyard. So, I’m not complaining. It’s just that I had never spent this amount of time here and it’s hard to get used to. Much of our corporation keeps me traveling a lot. But, not this year. Instead of those face to face meetings, I did a whole lot of online work with our clients. It really isn’t an update from being there but for this year, it had to do because I didn’t have a choice. Our children have been here at the beach condo reading remotely this past year as well. So with all of us in the house, it dawned on myself and others that I might want to make our environment the healthiest it could be. That was sort of going off a theme my wife and I started last year. Don’t waste this time, improve our health instead. l gained the understanding of just how important indoor air pollen and humidity levels are for immune health and overall health. So, I not only changed the HVAC air filter to the HEPA genre but I took it a single step further. After talking with the HVAC people, I was made aware that the best indoor air was possible for us with a single more HVAC tweak. So I had them install a whole condo air cleaner in the air handler of the HVAC. It’s simply remarkable what a difference this thing has made. The air in our condo is so purified plus it smells so much better. Now, we are breathing the best indoor air possible and we are healthier than before.


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