I wasn't prepared for the proposal at all

My boyfriend planned a romantic weekend at a ski lodge for the two of us.

I was really excited for our weekend getaway and I bought a new dress, shoes, and a purse. I wanted to look fantastic on the night that the two of us had dinner together in the lodge. My boyfriend made all of the reservations. When we arrived at the ski lodge, I found out that we had a suite with a living room, bedroom, kitchen up, and fireplace. I was totally shocked and surprised by the sweet and the fireplace was a wonderful addition. It had river stones on the sides and a wooden mantle with hand carved features. My boyfriend even arranged for the hotel staff to put strawberries and champagne in the room before we arrived. Everything was picture perfect and absolutely amazing in every way. My boyfriend and I spent most of the first night laying on the couch in front of the fireplace. Both of us were tired from that three-hour drive and we were very cozy in front of the fireplace. I was almost asleep when my boyfriend tapped my arm. I woke up and I saw the ring in front of my eyes. I wasn’t prepared for the proposal at all. Thinking back, I should have known that he was planning something special. He picked the perfect place and the perfect time. I was terribly surprised, but I said yes very quickly. My boyfriend and I enjoyed our weekend in the country. The ski lodge is the perfect place to have our wedding next year.


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