I caused a huge accident on the freeway

A couple of months after I got my driver’s license for the first time, I decided to take my girlfriend to a concert in another town.

I had to use the freeway to get to the venue and it was the first time that I drove my car at a high rate of speed.

Of course I was very nervous, but I didn’t want my girlfriend to know. I was driving with one hand on the wheel and one hand on her leg. We were listening to the radio and we were talking and laughing. I was trying to pay attention to the traffic and the flow of cars, but I looked away for a second and I plowed into the back of an HVAC repair truck. The guy had his brakes on and he was coming to a stop because traffic was stopped in front of him. I didn’t see all of the traffic slowing down and I hit the back of the HVAC repair truck going 65 miles an hour. The driver of the HVAC repair truck got out of the driver side and he walked up to my car. When he saw my girlfriend and I, he rolled his eyes. He told me to roll down the window. He called the police so we could exchange information. The guy in the HVAC repair truck didn’t look too happy about the damages and my car wasn’t in great shape either. I got a ticket from the arriving officer for failing to drive at a safe speed in traffic. We didn’t get to the concert either, because the car was totaled on the side of the road.
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