I bought my own personal air purifier for work

I can absolutely tell that my coworker has been smoking marijuana.

When the guy comes to work, he always smells like a bar.

I brought up the smell of marijuana to my boss and the lady told me that it is not illegal for my coworker to smoke marijuana before he comes to work. As long as the guy is not smoking marijuana on the property, there is no issue with my boss. I can’t stand the smell of marijuana and everyday it stings my eyes and makes me sneeze. I finally decided to buy my own personal air purifier for work. I went to the Supercenter and I found several personal air purifiers. I wasn’t particularly interested in spending $50 or $60, but my cheapest options were in that price range. I found a personal air purifier that I thought would work well at work. I purchased the item and waited until Monday morning to try my new gadget. I plugged the personal air purifier into the outlet by my computer. I was extremely surprised by the loud and obnoxious sound coming from the machine. I never looked at the sound or noise rating and I never thought the air purifier might be too loud to use in the office. Unfortunately, the machine was absolutely too loud to use. People were staring and making comments. It was a complete and total waste of sixty dollars and I couldn’t even take it back to the store. Once I opened the box and used the machine, I couldn’t return the item for money.

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