Covid can be nearly eradicated with an air purifier

A couple of months ago, three of my friends ended up with the virus. I didn’t want to get sick, so I stayed away for two weeks while they were in quarantine. It was hard not to hang out with my best friends, but I knew it was important to be safe. Thankfully, neither one of them ended up in the hospital. After they started to feel better, we all spent a few hours together outdoors with our masks on. We knew it was still important to be safe. A few weeks ago, some more of my friends ended up with covid and I got scared. I thought things were getting better, but the virus is clearly here to stay. I decided that enough is enough. I went online and I bought an air purifier, three industrial sized bottles of hand sanitizer and enough bleach to kill a colony of germs. The air purifier was easily the most expensive purchase that I have made in awhile, but I absolutely feel safeer knowing that the germs are being killed. The air purifier uses UV technology to kill pathogens, germs, and viruses that enter the machine. The system also purifies the air before it comes out the other end. The air purifier is 99.99% effective against viruses like Covid, but it also eliminates germs, odors, and other indoor pollutants. That means it will help during allergy season too. If Covid ever ends and I really hope it will be over soon, I’ll still have a great use for the expensive indoor air cleaner.


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