Saying so long to original HVAC

We have been fortunate enough to have had the same HVAC unit that we bought when we built our home.

That has been over two decades ago and a family raised.

It’s hard to believe that thing saw all that history we made in this house. I can remember meeting with the HVAC contractor when we were building the house. My wish was to have the best, most efficient HVAC unit that was available. The HVAC contractor came through on those needs for sure. He and I went over several different HVAC methods, styles and models. The one I settled on is still getting it done today although just barely. However, all of the years of consistent HVAC maintenance really paid off for us. I was determined to take care of my HVAC investment and man did it ever pay off. Now, I am having to say goodbye to that HVAC as part of several renovations we are making. We are making those renovations because we are selling this house. I sort of hate to sell it as it was and is our home place. But facts are facts. Without a houseful of kids, there is just no reason to have a place this large. And as we get older, it’s going to be a real chore to simply keep the place in good shape. So I am once again meeting with an HVAC contractor. This time, I want to be sure the house has a good HVAC that will be a selling point. At the same time, I’m not as concerned with having the best available since I won’t be here to look after that HVAC investment.

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