Removing the old posts was a pain in the butt

My partner as well as myself could only afford a cottage that was a true as well as complete mess.

The place was abandoned for at least seven years.

The two of us were hoping to purchase and adequately large house, but in order to do that the two of us had to rely on a property that was in need of multiple repairs. There was water mangle in each room. The two of us had a mouse infestation as well as corroded pipes and broken windows. The two of us could only recover the studs inside of the walls as well as the ceilings and Floors. My partner as well as myself handled Renovations all around the house, but when it came time to tear down the old aged fence on the property, I quickly realized that it was going to be far too big of a job for the two of us to do on our own. All of the fence posts were rotted as well as overgrown. My partner as well as myself easily spent many different hours trying to fix up the fence, but we eventually decided to hire a company that specializes in removing old fences. They got the whole property ready for a new fence installation and removed all of the pieces for one low fee and price. After we were done, my wife as well as myself decided to call a company to install some type of vinyl fencing instead of wood. It seemed like a much easier way to create privacy without going through all of the hassle of using the wood posts again.

Vinyl Privacy Fence

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