Quick transfer require temporary housing

My head is on a swivel.

  • So much has happened in such a short amount of time that I still wake up wondering just where I am sometimes.

My life was totally changed and up ended but in a good way. The last six years, I have been working my first career job since leaving college. This is has been that paying your dues period. And then it happened. I got summoned to meeting with the big boss and was offered a promotion. But it came with a transfer so I would have to be figuring out some sort of temporary housing. My company offered me the corporate housing plan initially. However, when I saw what they were calling corporate suites, I balked. The corporate housing was little more than a tiny efficiency apartment and that was being kind. While I appreciated the option, I just didn’t think that would be a comfortable option even temporarily. So, I got on my horse and started scouring the new region for a more acceptable temporary or month to month housing. I was able to find some fully furnished apartments that had a month to month lease. So, I could have my stuff moved out later and into storage. Having the fully furnished apartment allowed me to hit the ground running and be able to fully focus on my new position. Once my stuff got out to my new town, I could then take my time finding a more suitable housing situation. With the new position comes a real salary so I might even be able to buy a starter house. That would be wonderful. But until then my short term apartment rental will be a blessing.

corporate housing

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